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Liquid Phosphoric Acid
85 Industrial Phosphoric Acid 35kg

What Is Phosphoric Acid

  • CAS NO.: 7664-38-2
  • Molecular Formular: H3PO4
  • HS Code: 28092010
  • Specification: GB3149-2004/GB2091-2008

Phosphoric acid for sale in Chemate includes food grade and tech grade. With 75% or 85% content of H3PO4, we often directly call it 75% phosphpric acid or 85% phosphoric acid, which can meet your varieties of demands. Phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid, monophosphoric acid, is a common inorganic acid.  It is an important raw material for the production of various phosphate products, such as, stpp, shmp, tsp, etc. In addition, it can also be widely used in food processing, agriculture, medicine and a variety of industrial fields. Would like to purchase phosphoric acid for sale from Chemate? Inquiry us for quotation now.

Technical Specifications of 85%/75% Phosphoric Acid For Sale in Chemate

Food grade Phosphoric AcidTech grade Phosphoric Acid
Color/Hazen  ≤20203030
Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) content, % ≥
Arsenic (As) content, % ≤0.000050.000050.0050.005
Fluorine (F) content, % ≤0.0010.001
Heavy metal (Pb) content, % ≤0.00050.00050.0010.001
(Fe) % ≤0.0020.002
Easily oxidized substances (H3PO3) content, % ≤0.0120.012
(CL)% ≤0.00050.0005
(SO4),% ≤0.0050.005

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Package of Liquid Phosphoric Acid

Packaged in IMO approved plastic drums, net 35kgs, 330kgs/plastic drum, or net 1650kgs/IBC tank.

Package of 85% Phosphoric acid

 N.WG.WQty of Drums/20fclLoading
135kgs/drum36.5kgs/drum760drumsNet 26.6MT per 20’fcl
2330kgs/drum340.5kgs/drum80drumsNet 26.4MT per 20’fcl
31650kgs/IBC1710kgs/IBC16drumsNet 26.4MT per 20’fcl

Package of 75% Phosphoric acid 

 N.WQty of Drums/20fclLoading
133kgs/drum760drumsNet 25.08MT per 20’fcl
2310kgs/drum80drumsNet 24.8MT per 20’fcl
31600kgs/IBC16drumsNet 25.6MT per 20’fcl

What Is Phosphoric Acid Used For​

What Are Phosphoric Acid Uses in Industry Fields

Phosphoric acid for metal treatment. Used for metal surface phosphating treatment, equipped with electrolytic polishing liquid and chemical polishing liquid for polishing aluminum products.

Phosphoric acid for water treatment. Used as water quality stabilizer and scale inhibitor. Other organic or inorganic phosphates, such as, STPP, SHMP, sodium hypophosphite can be used as dispersant and buffer agent.

Phosphoric acid for cleaning stainless steel. Used in metal antirust paint in coating industry.

Phosphoric acid in cleaning products. Used in the printing industry to prepare cleaning agents to remove stains on offset printing plates.

Used in the production of phosphoric acid refractory cement in the metallurgical industry to increase the life of steel-making furnaces.

Raw materials for production of phosphorus-containing flame retardants. Also used to the production of phosphate ester, raw material for the production of detergents and pesticides.

What Are Uses of Phosphoric Acid In Food and Other Fileds

As one of the most commonly used food additives, food grade phosphoric acid is usually used as sour agent, yeast nutrition, widely used in the production of cola, beer, candy, salad oil, dairy products, beverages, etc… Phosphates are also the important food additive, which can be used as nutrient enhancer.

Uses of Phosphoric Acid in Coke. In carbonated beverages, it can interact with metal ions in water to form soluble salts, which can block the activity of metal ions, prevent beverage oxidation, spoilage and color change. So that the beverage can be stable for a longtime, and CO2 is well maintained.

Other Fields

Fertilizer grade phosphoric acid is the most important raw material for the production of phosphate fertilizer, such as superphosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, as well as calcium dihydrogen phosphate feed nutrients. Used as reaction fertilizer in the soil around a granule acidification is generated that improves the utilization of phosphorus applied and available in the rhizosphere. Due to its nitrogen content, it is good for crops that require these nutrients in its initial phase.

Phosphoric acid can be used to prepare phosphorus-containing drugs, such as sodium glycerophosphate. It is an important ingredient in over the counter medications to combat nausea.

Mixed with zinc powder, phosphoric acid can form zinc phosphate, which is useful in temporary dental cement. In orthodontics, zinc is used as an etching solution to help clean and roughen the surface of teeth.

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Know More About Phosphoric Acid

  • Chemical Formula: H3PO4
  • Molar mass: 97.994 g·mol−1
  • Density: 1.6845  g⋅cm−3 (25 °C, 85%)
  • Melting point: 40–42.4 °C (104.0–108.3 °F; 313.1–315.5 K)
  • Boiling point: 212 °C (414 °F; 485 K)
  • Solubility: Soluble in water and ethanol
  • The higher the concentration and purity of phosphoric acid the higher the crystallinity.
  • Ternary medium-strong acid, ionized in three steps, not easy to volatilize, not easy to decompose, has a certain degree of oxidation and the common properties of acid. 

Phosphoric acid is the IUPAC name for orthophosphoric acid. There is no difference between them, referring to the same chemical, both describing the same compound with the chemical formula H3PO4. The prefix -ortho is used to distinguish this acid from polyphosphoric acid.

85 phosphoric acid is the selling-best phosphoric acid concentration on the market and the most widely used type of orthophosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid 85% refers to concentrated phosphoric acid containing 85 grams of H3PO4 in 100 grams of phosphoric acid solution. Check more specifications here and contact us for phosphoric acid 85 price now.

75 Phosphoric acid refers to phosphoric acid containing 75 grams of H3PO4 in 100 grams of phosphoric acid solution. We can supply both the two types, customers can choose depends on your requirements.

It is a weak acid. Because it won’t completely dissociate in aqueous solution to obtain hydrogen ions. That is, when H3PO4 is dissolved in an aqueous solution, some moles of H3PO4 remian undissociated in solution and won’t fully ionized to produce hydrogen ions. The lower the hydrogen ions in the solution, the less acidic the compound is. Some data says that it is a medium-strong acid. It just means that its acidity is stronger in weak acids.

You will find phosphoric acid food additive in many sugar-sweetened carbonated or soft drinks. In addition to to helping create a strong flavor, it can also stop bacteria and mold from multiplying. Most known bacteria grow in the ideal PH range of 6.5 to 7.0. Adding liquid phosphoric acid to drinks and foods can lower the PH to 2.5. So as to reduce the chance of bacteria growing in drinks.

Thermal Process Phosphoric Acid

The thermal process uses yellow phosphorus produced by electrothermal method as raw material. After combustion and hydration, it is made into 85% thermal process phosphoric acid. Thermal production process with heat energy recovery device usually adopts a two-step method. That is, the combustion of phosphorus and hydration of P205 are carried out in two devices respectively. The key technical key of phosphorus burning equipment is how to prevent the heat exchange tube from being corroded by high temperature P2O5 gas, and to provide good heat transfer conditions at the same time.

Wet Process Phosphoric Acid

Phosphate rock is decomposed by inorganic acid(mainly sulfuric and hydrochloric acid). First, phosphoric acid for fertilizer is obtained. Then purify and remove impurities through various steps. Finally, it is concentrated to produce industrial grade phosphoric acid. At present, the main purification methods for preparing wet process phosphoric acid include chemical precipitation, ion exchange resin, crystallization, solvent precipitation and solvent extraction. Among them, the solvent extraction method has the characteristics of high purity of the obtained products, relatively simply production process and equipment, low energy consumption, low consumption of raw materials, large production capacity, good separation effect, high recovery rate and less environmental pollution. At the same time, the production process is easy to realize automation and continuity. And it is conductive to the comprehensive utilization of resources.

Food grade phosphoric acid is produced from industrial grade phosphoric acid containing various impurities. After dissolving industrial phosphoric acid in distilled water, the solution is purified to remove impurities such as, arsenic and heavy metals. Remove cations such as, As+, Cd+, Sr+, Pt+, Th+ and U+, anions such as Cl-, F- and SO42-, as well as organics. After filtration, when the filtrate meets the food-grade requirements, it is concentrated to obtain liquid phosphoric acid used in food.  

  • Packaging sealed. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse
  • Keep away from fire and heat.
  • The storage temperature shouldn’t exceed 30℃, and the relative humidity shouldn’t exceed 80%.
  • It should be separated from flammable substances, alkalis and active metal powders, stored separately, and avoid mixed storage.
  • The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.
  • The packaging should be complete at the time of shipment, the loading should be safe.
  • During transportation, make sure that the container doesn’t leak, collapse, fall or damage.
  • It is strictly prohibited to mix and transport with flammable or combustible materials, alkalis, active metal powders, edible chemicals, etc…
  • Transportation vehicles should be equipped with emergency leakage treatment equipment.
  • It should be protected from exposure, rain and high temperature during transportation.

The rust removal ability of phosphoric acid is relatively low. To make up for this shortcoming, derusting with phosphoric acid solution generally requires heating. The advantage is that the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement is small. Moreover, a small amount of solution remaining on the surface of the workpiece can be converted into an insoluble phosphate protective film. It is suitable for rust removal before welding and assembly parts are painted.

First of all, phosphoric acid is corrosive, so be safe when using it.

Within a safe dose, food additive phosphoric acid won’t cause harm to human health. However, if the intake is too large, it may cause harm to health, mainly including calcium deficiency and aggravating the burden on the liver and kidneys. After a large amount of intake, it may lead to the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio in the body. And the situation of too high phosphorus and too little calcium can easily lead to calcium deficiency.

Phosphoric Acid Manufacturer And Supplier in China - Chemate

The core competitiveness of phosphoric acid is different due to the different end user goals. For general industrial-grade phosphate products, price and cost are the fundamental reasons that determine the type of phosphoric acid used by customers. For high-end fine phosphate products, because of the higher products value, the raw material cost factor isn’t very sensitive. On the contrary, the price of high-end fine phosphates varies greatly with the purity and quality, which makes prefer the quality when choosing the type of raw material phosphoric acid for sale.

  • Quality assurance. We have passed SO9001 international quality standard system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CE certification, GB/T28001 certification.
  • Variety complete. Phosphoric acid for sale in our company can meet your requirements for different purposes.
  • Competitive price, excellent price, timely reply and delivery in time. Feel free to inquiry us for phosphoric acid price now.  

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