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Lomon BLR-895

BILLIONS™ BLR-895 pigment is a coatings grade titanium dioxide pigment manufactured by the chloride process. It is recommended for a range of coatings applications.

BILLIONS™ BLR-895 pigment has outstanding dispersion performance, dispersing quickly and easily. It also has excellent opacity and gloss, and delivers a brilliant whiteness with a clean blue tone. With its carefully selected inorganic surface coating, BILLIONS™ BLR-895 pigment provides a high level of weatherability, making it flexible across both interior and exterior applications.


Interior and exterior architectural coatings, industrial coatings

Technical Specifications of Lomon BLR-895

Parameter Value Test Method
TiO2 content 94% XRF
Inorganic coating Alumina; Zirconia
Organic treatment Present
Moisture when packed* 0.5% max ISO 787-2
Bulk density (tamped) 1.3g/cm3 ISO 787-11
Oil absorption 16g/100g ISO 787-5
pH 7.4 ISO 787-9
Specific gravity 4.1g/cm3 ISO 787-10
ISO 591 classification R2
CAS number 13463-67-7
Color index Pigment White 6

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