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Detergent Raw Materials

What Are Detergent Raw Materials for Sale in Chemate

NameAbbreviationMFCAS NO.
Sodium Lauryl Ether SulfateSLES 70C16H35NaO5S68585-34-2
Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic AcidLABSAC18H30O3S85536-14-7
Caustic SodaSodium hydroxideNaOH1310-73-2
Sodium TripolyphosphateSTPPNa5P3O107758-29-4
Soda AshSodium carbonateNa2CO3Na2CO3

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What Are Main Classifications of Detergent Raw Materials

Synthetic detergent is a compound obtained by combining surfactants and some washing auxiliary ingredients according to a certain formula. The detergent raw materials mainly include water or organic solvents, surfactants, auxiliary agents, bleaching agents, fluorescent whitening agents and other auxiliary agents.


Its function is to weaken the adhesion between the stain and the clothes, so that the stains are easier to separate from the clothes under mechanical action, so as to achieve the purpose of washing the clothes. The amount of active ingredients in detergent powder raw materials is generally not less than 13%. Commonly used surfactants are Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, sodium lauryl polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, etc.

Detergent builder

The main function of the builder is to soften the water by binding the hardness ions contained in the water, so as to protect the surfactants and make it exert its maximum effect. The so-called phosphorus-containing and phosphorus-free detergents actually refer to whether the builders used are phosphorus-based or non-phosphorus-based substances. Sodium tripolyphosphate is a more commonly used phosphorus-containing builder.

Buffer components

Organic stains are generally acidic, and making the washing solution in an alkaline state is beneficial to the removal of such stains. So a considerable amount of alkaline substances are added to the detergent. Commonly used are soda ash and water glass.

Synergistic ingredients

Common synergistic ingredients include enzyme preparation, bleaching agent, bleach accelerator, anti-redeposition agent, dirt dispersant LBD-1, enzyme preparation, fluorescent whitening agent, anti-staining agent, softener, cellulase, antistatic agent , color protectant, etc.

Auxiliary ingredients

Such ingredients generally do not improve the washing ability of the detergent, but play a greater role in the processing of the product and the sensory indicators of the product. For example, the color of washing powder is white, the particles are uniform, no agglomeration, and the fragrance is pleasant.

What Are Main functions of Detergent Raw Materials

  • Eliminates alkali metal ions from water, fabrics, dirt.
  • Strengthen the cleaning effect during the washing process.
  • Anti-redeposition through multiple wash cycles prevents soil from encrusting fabrics and prevents soil from depositing in the washing machine.
  • Improve the chemical stability of the detergents, industrial ease of handling, non-absorbent, color and smell meet the requirements. It can be compounded with other detergent components, stable in storage, and the source of raw materials is guaranteed.
  • Ensure human safety.
  • Environmental performance. It can be metabolized through biodegradation, adsorption and other mechanical actions, has no negative impact on biological treatment systems and surface water, has no uncontrollable accumulation, does not promote the flow of heavy metals, does not cause eutrophication, and has no bad impact on drinking water quality.

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Whether you are looking for soap raw material, liquid detergent raw materials, detergent powder raw material or shampoo raw material, we can help you find the suitable detergent chemicals. As a reliable detergent chemicals supplier, Chemate can guarantee the high quality and competitive price of our chemicals. Tell us the detergent raw materials you need and inquiry for the best price now.

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