Aluminum Sulphate

Aluminum Sulphate Flake/Granular/Powder

Aluminum sulphate, with the chemical formula of Al2(SO4)3 and CAS NO. 10043-01-3, is a widely used industrial chemical. Aluminum sulfate appears white powder, granular or flake in appearance, is soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, odorless and highly hygroscopic. It is mostly used in papermaking industry and water treatment, and can also used as the internal retention agent of foam fire extinguishers, raw materials for the manufacture of alum, aluminum white, petroleum decolorization, deodorant, and raw materials for certain drugs. It can also be used to produce artificial gems and high-grade ammonium alum. Buy sodium sulfate for sale from our company? Inquiry us for the best price now.

Technical Specifications of Aluminum Sulfate for Sale in Chemate

Item Standard
AL2O3 % ≥17
Fe % ≤0.005
Insoluble matter in water % ≤0.05
Heavy metals as Pb % ≤0.0005
As % ≤0.0005
PH value (1% aqueous solution) 3.0
Packing Net 25 / 50 kg PP bag, 25-27MT per 20’container.

Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment

Aluminum sulphate can be used as flocculant in drinking water, industrial water and wastewater treatment. When added to water, it reacts to from a colloidal precipitate of alumina trihydrate, which absorbs settled bacteria, colloids and other suspended substances. With the increasing of water discharge indicators, the amount of aluminum sulphate used in water treatment has increase. It can also be used in drinking water to decolor and deodorize. Aluminum sulfate water treatment chemical also plays a significant role in the process of removing arsenic by coagulation.

Aluminium sulphate for swimming pools

The water in the swimming pool will become turbid for different reasons, but if it is because of too much minerals, aluminum sulphate can be used to clean the swimming pool. Aluminum sulfate crystals have a positive charge when dissolved in water, so it can attract negatively charged debris and turn them into hard lumps, which makes cleaning easier.

Used In papermaking industry

It is used as a precipitant for rosin gum, wax emulsion and other sizing materials. Also used as a paper sizing agent to enhance the water resistance and impermeability of paper. Paper is composed of fibers. Unsized paper is water-absorbent and isn’t suitable for writing and printing. In addition, the strength of paper will decrease after absorbing water, which will affect its use. Therefore, about 80% of the paper needs to be added to the pulp or coated with some water-resistant substances on the surface of paper, so that the paper has the performance of delaying fluid penetration, achieve the purpose of ink resistance and oil resistance. This process is called sizing. Aluminum sulphate is a mainly used internal sizing agent in papermaking.

Other Uses

In the fire protection industry, it is combined with baking soda and foaming agent to form a foam fire extinguishing agent.

Used as a raw material for antiperspirant cosmetics.

Used in analytical reagents, such as, mordant, tanning agent, grease decoloring agent, wood preservative.

Used as a stabilizer for albumin pasteurization.

Used as raw material for the manufacture of artificial gemstones, high-grade ammonium alum and other aluminates.

In the fuel industry, it is used as a precipitant in the production of chrome yellow and lake dyes. At the same time, it also plays a role of fixing and filler.

It can be used to adjust the PH value of soil, because it hydrolyzes to produce aluminum hydroxide while producing a small amount of dilute sulfuric acid solution.

Non-ferrous aluminum sulfate can be used in the production of high-grade paper, high-grade fabrics, food leavening agents, white rubber and leather.

Hydrated Aluminum Sulfate can be used to synthesize a new type of highly crystalline zeolite material, synthesize aluminum-doped zinc oxide nanorods and spherical alumina powder.

  • It is produced by pressurization reaction of bauxite and sulfuric acid.
  • It can be obtained by decomposing alunite, kaolin and alumina-silica raw materials with sulfuric acid.
  • Sulfuric acid method. The bauxite ore is crushed to a certain particle size, then add it to a reactor to react with sulfuric acid, the reaction liquid is settled, the clarified liquid is neutralized by adding sulfuric acid to neutral or slightly alkaline. Then it is concentrated to about 115℃, cooled, solidified and crushed to obtain the finished product.

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