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R-298 Titanium Dioxide

Pangang Titanium Dioxide R-298

R-298 is a multi-purpose rutile TiO2 pigment is known for its low oil absorption, high gloss, high tinting strength, durability, and dispersability. Produced by the Sulfate process, with a very fine particle size, it has excellent hiding power, blue tint undertone.

R298 has a zirconium and Al2O3 inorganic surface treatment, in combination with a special organic coating. It is well suited for both waterborn and solventborn coating, ink applications.

Technical Specifications of Titanium Dioxide r-298

Titanium Dioxide, wt%, min. 91
Rutile, wt%, min. 98
Brightness, min. 95
Tint reducing power(Reynolds number), min. 1920
Loss at 105°C: 0.008
PH of aqueous suspension 6.0-9.0
Oil absorption, g/100g, max. 20
Residue on sieve 45µm, max. 0.02
Resistivity of water extract liquor Ω .m, min. 80
Dispersibility(Haegeman Index), min. 6.5
Whiteness(compare with standard) Not less than

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