Sodium Hexametaphosphate SHMP

Sodium Hexametaphosphate Description

Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP), a hexamer of composition (NaPO3)6, is widely used in a wide variety of industrial fields as sequestrant, also used as food additive according to food safety regulations. Sodium hexametaphosphate is one of the polymers of sodium metaphosphate. It is deliquescent and easily soluble in water, but insoluble in organic solvents. When it is added to an aqueous solution, it slowly decomposes to form orthophosphate. It has a great chelating effect on calcium and various metals in the aqueous solution, and generates a precipitate. As industrial products, there are not only hexamers, but also chain structured metaphosphates with a degree of polymerization of 10-23. Get sodium hexametaphosphate price now. 

Technical Specifications of Sodium Hexametaphosphate SHMP

ItemIndustrial gradeFood grade
Total phosphate, as P2O5 %  ≥68.068.0
Inactive phosphate, as P2O5 % ≤7.57.5
Iron, as Fe % ≤0.030.02
Ph value (1% solution) % ≤5.8-7.05.8-6.5
Water insoluble % ≤0.040.05
Heavy metals, as Pb % ≤0.001
Arsenic, as As % ≤0.0003
Fluoride as F % ≤0.003

Sodium Hexametaphosphate Uses

Sodium hexametaphosphate is the largest functional phosphate in the market, which can be used in industrial production such as, washing, water treatment, food processing, mineral processing, metallurgy, etc…

Sodium Hexametaphosphate Uses In Food

  • In food industries, SHMP chemical can be used as food quality improver, PH adjuster, metal iron chalating agent, adhesive and expansion agent.
  • Used in meat products, fish sausages, ham, it can improve the water holding capacity, enhance adhesion, prevent fat oxidation.
  • Used in soy sauce and soybean paste, it can prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period and adjust taste.
  • Used in fruit drinks and refreshing drinks, it can increase the juice yield and viscosity, as well as inhibit the decomposition of vitamin C.
  • Used in ice cream, it can increase the expansion capacity and volume, enhance the emulsification, prevent the paste from being damaged, improve the taste and color at the same time.
  • Used in dairy products and beverages to prevent gel precipitation.
  • Used in beer to clarify liquor and prevent turbidity.
  • Used in beans, canned fruits and vegetables to stabilize natural pigments and maintain food color.
  • Spraying on cured meat to improve anti-corrosion performance.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate Uses In Water Treatment

  • SHMP chemical is an important industrial raw material for water treatment and is easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is alkaline and the PH value of 1% aqueous solution is 9.7, which has a good ability to complex metal ions and form soluble complexes. Sodium hexametaphosphate is gradually hydrolyzed into phosphite in the water, but the operating conditions of the circulating water system are relatively harsh, a single phosphate can’t meet the demand. At present, two or more agents with corrosion and scale inhibitors are combined to use.
  • Used as corrosion inhibitor and pre-filming agent. It can chelate with divalent metal ions in water to form a thin and dense anti-corrosion film, which has the characteristics of fast film formation, good film replenishment effect, low toxicity and no pollution.
  • Applications in detergent builders and other water treatment fields. Sodium hexametaphosphate has a very strong complex and scale inhibition ability for metal ions, especially for alkaline earth metal ions, such as calcium and magnesium. Therefore, it can prevent the iron and manganese dissolved in the water from oxidizing to make the water red and black, and prevent the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions to form scale and reduce the heat transfer efficiency.

Uses In Other Industrial Fields

  • Applications in mineral processing. Sodium hexametaphosphate is a commonly used inhibitor in flotation, which is mainly used to inhibit quartz and silicate minerals, as well as carbonate minerals, such as, calcite and limestone. It also acts as a dispersant in the flotation process, which can disperse the flotation ore slurry and reduce the coverage of serpentine on the surface of nickel pyrite.
  • Applications in oil field industry. As an additive for drilling mud, SHMP can avoid the precipitation of multivalent metal ions, improve the salt resistance of mud, reduce mud water loss. In addition, after dissolving a certain amount of SHMP powder, a thin film can be formed on the pipe wall to prevent corrosion of the pipe.
  • Application in metallurgy and metal corrosion. Mixing some sodium hexametaphosphate and additives to repair the steel-making converter at a certain temperature and force can greatly extend the life of the converter. SHMP chelates with divalent metal irons to form a positively charged polyelectrolyte, which can form a dense, continuous film when it is adsorbed on the metal surface. The membrane can completely cover the corrosion micro-battery, reduce or prevent the corrosion current passing through and play a role of corrosion protection.
  • Applications in the fiber industry. In the refining process, it can inhibit the formation of metal soap, make the gum in the raw cotton easy to remove and improve the refining efficiency. In the bleaching process, it can prevent the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and reduce the loss of bleach to improve the bleaching efficiency. In dyeing, it can prevent the color of the dyed substance from changing, maintain the original color of the dye, prevent the occurrence of stains, poor hand feeling, white cloth yellowing and fiber strength reduction.
  • In paper making industry, SHMP chemical can be used as a dispersant for steel paper coatings to disperse lead carbonate pigments.
SHMP Uses in Food
Uses in food and drinks
Boiler Water Treatment
Uses in boiler water treatment
In Oil Drilling Industry
Uses in oil drilling

Using yellow phosphorus as the raw material, and whether intermediate products are generated in the production process of shmp chemical as a sign, the production process can be divided into one-step and two-step method.

One-step method

Using liquid yellow phosphorus as raw material, the molten sodium hexametaphosphate can be obtained by the combination and polymerization of liquid yellow phosphorus with soda ash at high temperature. Then the prepared molten shmp in the hearth flows directly into the cooling disc for quenching to obtain sodium hexametaphosphate product.

Two-step method

According to the intermediate product produced, it can be divided into sodium dihydrogen phosphate method, phosphorus pentoxide method, phosphorus anhydride method, ferrophosphorus method, etc…

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