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Lomon Titanium Dioxide

Lomon Titanium Dioxide is one of the world’s well-known titanium dioxide brands. We can provide all the grades of BILLIONSTM  titanium dioxide. Fell free to inquiry us for quotation now.

ProductsPaintingPlasticPrinking inkPapermaking
Indoor building paintOutdoor building paintIndustrial coatingMaster batchOutdoor plasticTable printing inkInner printing inkSurface coatingLaminated paper
BLR-895 optimizationoptimization    general 
BLR-896generaloptimizationoptimization general    
BLR-891optimization optimization      
BLR-886   optimization     
BLR-852       optimizationoptimization
R-996optimizationoptimizationgeneral   general  
BLR-698optimizationgeneraloptimization  generalgeneralgeneral 
BLR-699optimizationoptimizationgeneral   general  
LR-972generaloptimizationoptimization general general  
LR-961general optimization  general   
TR52  general  optimizationoptimization  
LR-982general general  optimizationgeneral  
TR53generalgeneralgeneral   optimization  
LR-108   optimization     
BLR-688    optimization    
LR-952       optimizationoptimization

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