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Lomon R996

Lomon titanium dioxide R996

Lomon R996 titanium dioxide is a rutile titanium dioxide treated with zirconia and alumina treated rutile titanium dioxide produced using the sulfate process. It is a highly durable and versatile pigment suitable for a variety of applications.

Technical Specifications of Lomon R996

ParameterValueTest Method
TiO2 content95%XRF
Inorganic coatingAlumina; Zirconia
Organic treatmentPresent
Moisture when packed*0.5% maxISO 787-2
Bulk density (tamped)1.2g/cm3ISO 787-11
Oil absorption18g/100gISO 787-5
pH7.0ISO 787-9
Specific gravity4.1g/cm3ISO 787-10
Specific gravityR2
CAS number13463-67-7
Color indexPigment White 6

What Are Application Fields of Lomon Titanium Dioxide R996

Powder coating field. When used in the field of powder coatings, it belongs to water-based and solvent-based exterior coatings.

R996 TiO2 is also used in the fields of architectural coatings, plastic profiles, industrial coatings, etc.

Lomon R996 adopts zirconium-aluminum inorganic coating process, which can be perfectly used in fields with particularly high requirements for weather resistance.

R996 TiO2 is used in high-solid indoor paints, water-proof paints for ships, paints used in some road signs, and ink applications.

Titanium dioxide R996 can also be used in the rubber industry, plastic additives, and in industrial fields such as leather and papermaking.

Excellent Properties of R996 TiO2

Excellent whiteness performance. Its appearance is an average particle size shape, which is close to the theoretical optimal particle size range of titanium dioxide. Its small particle size TiO2 can scatter blue light more effectively than large particle size, so R996 titanium dioxide has a bluer background than other models, and excellent whiteness properties that are unmatched by other models.

It has relatively low oil absorption characteristics. R996 TiO2 has low oil absorption characteristics, which allows it to maintain excellent processing performance during application in the plastic fields.

It has very good particle dispersion. Its relatively special inorganic surface treatment and organic surface treatment methods effectively reduce the mutual contact surface between TiO2 particles, allowing it to show excellent dispersion performance during the application process. This highlights the excellent wetting properties and is easy to grind.

With high weather resistance. The zirconium coating process used not only effectively improves its weather resistance and heat resistance, but also shows that its chemical properties are very stable and will not change at will.

It has good system compatibility. Lomon R996 has a special organic surface treatment function, making it very suitable for use in non-polar systems and oily systems, thus reflecting its good system compatibility in applications.

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