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What Is Polypropylene Random PPR

Polypropylene random are produced by the addition of ethylene to propylene during the polymerization process. The methyl groups on the main chain of the PPR three-dimensional structure are randomly arranged on both sides of the molecular chain. It has ethylene units, typically up to 6% by mass, randomly incorporated into the polypropylene chain. The random incorporation of ethylene in the homopolymer matrix during polymerization results in PP resins with excellent clarity and gloss, making them suitable for applications requiring transparency and for products requiring excellent appearance.   

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Different Grades of PP Granules for Sale in our Company

ModelsManufacturerMelt Flow IndexApplications
R200PHYOSUNG0.25Hot and cold water pipe
RP2400YUHWA0.25Pressure pipes, hot water and floor heating pipes
PPR3221Total1.8Cosmetics packaging, daily necessities packaging, consumables
PPR7220Total10Cosmetic bottle caps, household items
RC5003POLYMIRAE13Household items, containers, vases
R680SSK28Transparent tape, laminate, food packaging applications
BH3820SK28Industrial applications, automotive applications, electrical appliances
SM198LOTTE1.6Containers, lids, plates, structural parts
SM488LOTTE20Containers, storage containers, baby bottles, medical care products, household products
SM498LOTTE20Containers, packaging, bottles, large products
SM598LOTTE30Storage container, thin wall container
RF825MO-12BOROUGE20Disposable diagnostic equipment, medical needles, connecting catheters
RF830MO-12BOROUGE20Medical needles, connecting catheters
RJ880MO-12BOROUGE45Boxes, bottle caps, medical care supplies
BJ360MOBOROUGE60Household items, thin wall products, toys
RJ766MOBOROUGE70Household items, thin wall products, caps
9074EDExxonMobil24Medical packaging, hypodermic syringe components, medical applications
4935Sabic0.3Industrial applications
3140NNIRPC11Baby bottles, microwave containers, injection stretch blow molding applications
3342RIRPC20Food containers, storage boxes, household items
3342MIRPC9Containers, bottles, storage boxes, household items, transparent parts
3375RMIRPC24Waterproof canvas, BOPP film, paper coating, extrusion coating supplies
K4510IRPC10Baby bottles, household items
K4510BIRPC10Food containers, household items
K4510ETIRPC10Disposable syringes, medical devices, household products
K4527IRPC27Household items
K4527BIRPC27Household items
K4527ETIRPC27Disposable syringes, medical devices
K4527GRIRPC27Disposable syringes, medical devices, household products
RPE02MLanzhou Petrochemical1.3-2.2Generally used in pharmaceutical packaging materials
EPB08FLanzhou Petrochemical6.0-10.0Suitable for multi-layer co-extrusion process, BOPP/CPP/POF heat sealing layer or metal coating layer, food packaging
QPB08Qilu Petrochemical0.3Thin wall corrugated pipe, profile
E680EShanghai Petrochemical8.0±1.2Special foam material for car bumper lining
E800EShanghai Petrochemical8.0±1.5Special foam material for car bumper lining
E800BShanghai Petrochemical8.0±1.5Special foam material for car bumper lining
B4002Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.2Household appliances, rigid packaging, extreme cold air blown film, extruded round rods
K4812Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.12Rigid packaging, thin-walled containers, household appliances
K4912Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.12Rigid packaging, media packaging, household appliances
K4220Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.20Rigid packaging, media packaging, household appliances
K4825Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.25Lids and dividers, household utensils, transparent foodware, ISBM bottles
K3235Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.35Rapid prototyping, household appliances, rigid packaging
K3535Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.35Rapid prototyping, household appliances, rigid packaging
K4835AYanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.35Rapid prototyping, rigid packaging, thin-walled utensils, food containers
K4835BYanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.35Household appliances, stretch blow molding
K4835CYanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.35Rigid packaging, thin-walled containers, food containers, household containers
K4840Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.40Lids and dividers, household utensils, transparent foodware
K4850Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.50Household utensils, containers, lids and partitions, audio and video product packaging
K4553Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.53Thin wall rigid packaging
K4753Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.53Thin-walled rigid packaging, audio and video product packaging
K4853Yanan Energy & Chemical Co. Ltd.53Thin wall rigid packaging
B00RSZhenhai0.6±0.2Packaging materials, insulation materials, auto parts, construction and sporting goods fields
E02ESZhenhai1.7±0.4Packaging materials, insulation materials, auto parts, construction and sporting goods fields
E07ESZhenhai1.7±0.4Packaging materials, insulation materials, auto parts, construction and sporting goods fields
HMS20ZZhenhai2.2±0.3Packaging materials, insulation materials, auto parts, construction and sporting goods fields
Models Brands MFR Density
Basell RP348S LyondellBasell 35 g/10 min(230 °C/2.16 kg) 0.90 g/cm³
Moplen RP375R LyondellBasell 25 g/10 min(230 °C/2.16 kg) 0.90 g/cm³
Bormed RF830MO Borealis 20.0g/10min (230°C/2.16kg)  
Borstar RA140E Borouge 0.30g/10min (230°C/2.16kg) 905kg/m³
Borealis RB307MO Borealis 1.5g/10min (230°C/2.16kg) 905kg/m³
Borouge RD265CF Borouge 8.0g/10min(230°C/2.16kg) 900-910kg/m³
Borouge RE425MO Borouge 14g/10min(230°C/2.16kg) 900-910kg/m³
Borouge RH668MO Borouge 40g/10min(230°C/2.16kg)  
BorPure RJ766MO   Borouge 70g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 905 kg/m³
Yungsox PP5090T Formosa 15g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.90 g/cm³
Clyrell RC213M   HMC 10g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.90 g/cm³
Purell RP375RT   HMC 25g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.90 g/cm³
RB02CR HMEL 2g/10min (230°C/2,16kg)  
RB02RR HMEL 2g/10min (230°C/2,16kg)  
RP01TR HMEL 0.3g/10min (230°C/2,16kg)  
Topilene R530 HYOSUNG 7.0g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.90 g/cm³
Topilene R601T HYOSUNG 12g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.90 g/cm³
LUBAN RP7204G Luban 1.8g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.90 g/cm³
P655IM SCGC 7g/10min (230°C/2,16kg)  
RJ770 TOTAL 25g/10min (230°C/2,16kg) 0.91 g/cm³

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Know More About PP Random

It has excellent comprehensive properties, including high strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, excellent flexibility at low temperatures, high transparency and high gloss.

Excellent aesthetics and optical performance.

High impact properties at room temperature along with good thermal stability and chemical resistance properties.

Characteristics of lower melt temperature and ease flow can lead to opportunities for process optimization.

Since random polypropylene is amorphous, its solubility is better than that of isotactic polypropylene. Atactic polypropylene is easily soluble in heptane, hexane, pentane and other linear alkanes, soluble in benzene and toluene and other aromatic hydrocarbons, slightly soluble in carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and other chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic solvents, but insoluble in water , ethanol, acetone and other low molecular alcohols and ketones.

Compared with isotactic polypropylene, PPR has an irregular molecular arrangement and a lower molecular weight. It is inferior to isotactic polypropylene in terms of rigidity, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. However, random PP copolymer is better than isotactic polypropylene in terms of flexibility, low temperature resistance, wettability, solubility and processing fluidity.

Random PP copolymers are less stiff than PP homopolymers but have higher impact properties at room temperature.

Random PP has poor mechanical and thermal properties due to its small molecular weight, irregular structure and small cohesion.

Random polypropylene has good compatibility with polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutylene, synthetic rubber, paraffin, asphalt, etc., So it can be blended with them to expand its applications.    

Random PP copolymer has been widely used in chemical industry, light industry, textile, medicine, transportation, plastics, agriculture, etc.

High-definition and high-transparency packaging can be produced from random pp through injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming processes.

PP random copolymer combines the strength and chemical resistance of polypropylene PP with enhanced clarity and impact resistance, making it the first choice for applications that require both performance and aesthetics.

From clear containers to medical equipment, its versatility makes it a valuable asset in a variety of industries.   

Random copolymer polypropylene is copolymerized by heating, pressurizing and catalyzing propylene monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer. Ethylene monomers are distributed randomly along the propylene chain. The random addition of ethylene reduces the crystallinity and melting point of the polymer, while improving the material’s impact performance, long-term hydrostatic pressure performance, and long-term thermal oxygen aging resistance, making it more suitable for pipe processing and molding. The molecular chain structure and ethylene monomer content of PPR directly affect the long-term thermal stability and mechanical properties of the material. The more randomly the ethylene monomer is distributed in the propylene molecular chain, the more significant the changes in polypropylene properties will be.

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