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LLDPE Film Grade

Linear low density polyethylene LLDPE film grade offer a range of advantages for packaging and geomembrane applications due to its unique characteristics and superior performance.

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Excellent Performances of LLDPE Film Grade

  • Mechanical performance. The flexibility, tensile strength and elongation properties of LLDPE film grade allows them to withstand external stress without tearing or breaking. So it is adaptable to different shapes and sizes. High tear resistance can ensure the durability and protection of packaged goods during handling, transportation and storage.     
  • Thermal performance. It has good heat sealing properties for efficient and secure packaging. LLDPE films can be easily heat-sealed, ensuring product integrity and preventing moisture or air penetration. In addition, Linear low density polyethylene film grade has good resistance to temperature changes and maintains its properties even in fluctuating environments.
  • Barrier properties. LLDPE film grade can effectively block water vapor, prevent moisture from entering and maintain the freshness of packaged products. LLDPE films also exhibit low permeability to gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, thereby extending the shelf life of perishable goods.
  • High transparency and clarity. LLDPE film grades enable excellent visibility of packaged products, enhancing product presentation and consumer appeal.
  • Chemical resistance. LLDPE film grade is resistant to acids, bases, oils and solvents, protecting the integrity of package contents.
  • Electrical insulation properties. The high dielectric strength and low electrical conductivity properties of LLDPE film grades enable safe and efficient insulation of electrical components.

Applications of LLDPE Film Grade

  • Food packaging. LLDPE films are commonly used for packaging fruit, vegetables, dairy products and baked goods. They can protect against moisture, oxygen and other contaminants, ensuring extended shelf life and maintaining the visual appeal of packaged products.
  • Industrial package. In industrial fields, LLDPE film grades are used to package a wide variety of products, including hardware, automotive parts, electronics, and industrial assemblies.
  • Agricultural film. Widely used in greenhouse cover, mulch, silage bags and crop protection applications. LLDPE film has the properties of heat insulation, temperature regulation, and can also protect crops from external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, pests and weeds.
  • Protective film. LLDPE films can be used as protective films for various surfaces such as windows, glass and furniture. These films protect surfaces from scratches, dust and damage during transport, installation or refurbishment.     
  • Geomembrane. As a new type of material, linear low density polyethylene geomembrane has excellent anti-seepage, anti-corrosion performance, good chemical stability, and can be processed according to actual engineering needs.

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