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Polyaluminium Chloride

Polyaluminium Chloride Powder

Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Powder

  • CAS NO.: 1327-41-9
  • HS Code: 28273200
  • MF: {AL2 (OH) nCL6-n} m
  • Appearance: White, Light yellow, Yellow Powder
  • AL2O3 %: ≥30, ≥28
  • Package: 25 kgs PP bag;20 kgs PE bag; Ton bag. 
  • Applications: Used as coagulant in both drinking water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. It can be used in papermaking industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, mining industry, petroleum mining industry, agriculture industry, aquaculture industry, etc. 

There are four types of polyaluminium chloride for sale with different content of AL2O3 and basicity. Among them, PAC 30% 01&02 is used for drinking water treatment, while PAC 30% 03&PAC 28% 04 is used for industrial wastewater treatment. The four types can be easily distinguished by color, from white, light-yellow to deep-yellow. If you don’t know how to choose the suitable type, email us to tell us about your uses and more requirements, our professional sales manager will reply you and give you advice quickly.

Technical Specifications of Polyaluminium Chloride for Sale in Our Company

PAC 01PAC 02PAC 03PAC 04
StandardGB15892-2009GB-T 22627-2008
AppearanceWhite powderLight yellow powderYellow powder
ApplicationDrinking WaterIndustrial Waste water
AL2O3 %≥30≥30≥30≥28
Basicity %40-6070-8550-9050-90
PH value (1% aqueous solution)3.5-5.03.5-5.03.5-5.03.5-5.0
Water insoluble %≤0.1≤0.5≤1.5
Packing25 kgs PP bag;20 kgs PE bag; Ton bag
StorageThey shall be sealed and stored in the dry and ventilated place to prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight.

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What Are Applications of PAC Coagulant

Used in water treatment. With the properties of adsorption, aggregation and precipitation, Poly aluminum chloride is excellent coagulant in sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, circulating water treatment, etc.

Used in papermaking industry. In addition to the use for sewage and clean water treatment, its main function is to be used as rosin neutral sizing precipitant and retention aid, filter aid.

Used in textile printing and dyeing industry. The wastewater produced by the textile printing and dyeing industry has the characteristics of larger water volume, deep color and high content of organic pollutants.  In short, it is one of the more difficult to treat wastewater in industrial wastewater. The addition of polyaluminum chloride can form dense and large alum blooms in the wastewater treatment process. In addition, the sedimentation speed is fast, and the treatment effect is obvious. PAC chemical also has anti-wrinkle function of cloth.

Used in mining industry. Mainly used for ore flotation, which can act on mineral separation. It can separate water from gangue, which is convenient for water reuse.

Used in petroleum mining industry. It is the main material for wastewater treatment in petroleum exploration. The role in petroleum exploration is as oil-displacing agent, water shutoff regulator, drilling fluid regulator, and fracturing fluid additive.

Used in agriculture. The soil surface of soil crust has the properties of high density, small pores, low saturation and hydraulic conductivity, which can hinder the infiltration of soil water, increase surface runoff and hinder seed germination. The role of polyaluminium chloride is to increase the soil moisture content, inhibit the formation of soil crusts, as well as increase water infiltration.

Used in aquaculture. The addition of PAC coagulant can precipitate and remove a large amount of organic matter in the water body.

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Know More About PAC Chemical

Polyaluminium chloride, also written as poly aluminium chloride, is an inorganic polymer coagulant used for water treatment. Take the first letter of words as abbreviation, it is refered to as PAC chemicals, can be considered as one of the best coagulants. For that PAC coagulant has the advantages of less optimal dosage and less sludge production, which can help to save costs. The polyaluminium chloride for sale in Chemate can be divided into four types according to their AL203 content and basicity. Among them, PAC 01/02 can be used for drinking water treatment, while PAC 03/04 can be used for industrial wastewater treatment. Have some questions about this chemical and would like to know the quotation? Feel free to inquiry us for more.

  • PAC water treatment chemical has a wider range of applications and is suitable for more types of water quality. Most industries need to use polyaluminium chloride PAC chemical in the sewage treatment process.
  • The precipitation rate of PAC chemical is much faster and the precipitation effect is better. The use method of  PAC coagulant is to dissolve it in a certain proportion and then add it to water. Then it will quickly react with impurities in the water to form flocculent alum, and then form a precipitate immediately in the role of the flocculant polyacrylamide PAM. With the characteristics of rapid reaction speed, PAC coagulant can improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and reduce the water treatment cost.
  • Dosage is small. The configuration concentration is very low, and under the same water quality conditions, its addition amount is also very small compared with other coagulants.
  • The method of use is simple. The liquid poly aluminium chloridecan be added to water directly, while poly aluminium chloride powder is easily soluble in water. It can be quickly dissolved after being added to water without consuming a lot of time to dissolve it, which saves a lot of time for the entire processing process.
  • High security. For sewage treatment, the trace metals and other substances contained in the polyaluminium chloride pacproduced by our company won’t effect the quality of treated water. And poly aluminium chloride 30% is drinking water treatment grade, which has no hazardous substances.

It is adapt to a wide PH value of the source water, the applicable PH range is 5-9. That is to say, it can achieve the coagulation effect in the range of PH 5-9, and the best effect is in the PH range of 6.5-7.5. When polyaluminium chloride flocculates, the flocs are large, the flocculation speed is fast, the water and iron residues after treatment are low.

  • According to the form, it can be divided into liquid poly aluminium chloride and poly aluminium chloride powder. Solid polyaluminium chloride is the dried form of liquid polyaluminium chloride, with low moisture content and high aluminium oxide content. Because of the convenience of transportation and long shelf life, most of the products sold on the market are in powder form. The biggest feature of liquid PAC is easy to use. For that it doesn’t need to be dissolved, and the price is lower. However, it is inconvenient to transport and the transportation cost is relatively higher. Meanwhile, its storage time can’t be too long, because of the efficacy of the chemical will reduce for long time storage. 
  • According to the production process, it can be divided into drum type, plate and frame type, and spray drying polyaluminum chloride. The drum-type has a moderate aluminum chloride content and a high content of water-insoluble substances, which is mainly used for wastewater treatment. Plate and frame type has high aluminum chloride content and low water insoluble substances, which can be used for both sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. With the advantages of high stability, wide adaptability, fast hydrolysis speed, strong water absorption, fast and large flocculation formation, low turbidity and super dehydration, spray drying polyaluminium chloride has better performance in drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. In addition, to treat the same water quality sewage, the amount of spray drying type is less than other water treatment chemicals. Especially in the case of high water pollution, the amount of spray drying type only needs half of the drum-dried type, which not only reduces labor intensity, but also reduces costs. Purchase spray drying PAC chemical with high quality and competitive from Fengbai now.

Polyaluminium chloride coagulant has strong bridging and adsorption performance. During the hydrolysis process, it will be accompanied by physical and chemical process such as condensation, adsorption and precipitation. There is a fundamental difference between polyaluminium chloride PAC and traditional inorganic coagulants. Traditional inorganic coagulants are low-molecular crystalline salts, while the structure of PAC coagulant is composed of multi-element carboxyl complexes with variable morphology. Poly aluminium chloride coagulant has the characteristics of fast flocculation and precipitation speed, wide applicable PH range,non-corrosive to pipeline equipment, obvious water purification effect. It can also effectively remove SS, COD, BOD, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal ions in the water. PAC chemicals can be widely used as coagulant in drinking water treatment, industrial water treatment and sewage treatment fields.

Why Choose Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Manufacturers&Suppliers - Chemate

  • High quality and excellent performance. We adopt the most advanced production technology at present. We use high-quality raw materials to react and polymerize. Production in accordance with the requirements of the national standard GB15892-2009.
  • Timely delivery. In 2003, Ourcompany founded the poly aluminium chloride plant, the annual output of PAC for drinking water treatment can reach 40000 tons.
  • Competitive price. With no the third party, you can get the best factory price from us. Want to buy polyaluminium chloride pac powder? Inquiry us to get the best poly aluminium chloride price

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