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Our company can provide different grades of bottle grade PET chips to meet the various requirements of customers, such as, water bottle grade PET chips, oil bottle grade PET chips, hot filling bottle grade PET chips, carbonated bottle grade PET chips, fast endothermic grade PET chips. These hot filling, high and low intrinsic viscosity, fast heating and general grade polyester chips can be used in beverage containers, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, household products and various industrial packaging. Check the PET bottle grade specifications below and inquiry us which model you need, quotation will be sent to you quickly. Or if you don’t know how to choose the suitable grade for your industry, tell us more about your requirements, we will reply you in 24 hours. 

PET Bottle Grade Specification

GradeWater bottle GradeOil bottle GradeCarbonated Bottle bottleHot-Filled Grade
Intrinsic Viscosity, dL/g0.800±0.0150.830±0.0150.875±0.0150.780±0.015
Acetaldehyde, ppm ≤
ColorB value ≤
L value ≥    84848080
Diglycol, %1.30±0.21.3±0.21.3±0.21.3±0.2
Terminal Carboxyl, mol/t ≤35353535
Density, g/cm31.40±0.011.40±0.011.40±0.011.40±0.01
Melting point, ℃243±2243±2243±2249±2
Moisture, % ≤
Ash, % ≤

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What Are Uses of PET Bottle Chips

Polyester chips bottle grade are the packaging of choice for many food and beverages because they are hygienic, strong, lightweight, shatterproof and can keep fresh. It is most commonly used to package carbonated soft drinks and water. 

PET bottle chips are also popular for packaging salad dressings, cooking oils, peanut butter, shampoos, hand sanitizers, mouthwashes and other personal care products. 

Special bottle grade PET resin can be used in the processing of takeaway containers and food trays that can be heated in the oven or microwave.

What Are Advantages of PET Resin Bottle Grade

  • PET resin bottle grade have the characteristics of low processing temperature, wide packaging range, good transparency and high yield.
  • Polyester chips bottle grade have a uniform crystal structure, narrow molecular mass distribution, non-toxic, odorless, glass-like transparency and luster. 
  • Good impact toughness and high strength, good barrier properties, which can prolong the shelf life of beverages.
  • PET bottle resin is a very inert material that resists attack by microorganisms and doesn’t react with food. Health and safety agencies around the world have approved PET bottle chips as safe for use in food and beverages.
  • Polyester chips is recycled and highly sustainable. It is the most recycled plastic in the worldwide.
  • Although the raw material of PET chips is petroleum-based, its environmental impact is very favorable compared to glass, aluminum and other recyclable container materials. This is because the light weight and high strength of PET chips allow more containers to be produced with less package weight and less fuel than most other container materials.
  • Bottle grade PET chips is a colorless, semi-crystalline resin in its natural state. Depending on how it is processed, PET resin bottle grade can range from semi-rigid to rigid. It is also a good gas and moisture barrier, as well as a good barrier to alcohol and solvents.
  • Plastic bottles made of PET bottle chips are widely used for soft drinks. Some specialty bottles, such as those designated for beer, have an additional layer of polyvinyl alcohol added to further reduce their oxygen permeability.
  • Plastic bottles have always been an essential requirements in any industry that supplies liquid products to customers. Bottle grade PET chips with the characteristics of low processing temperature, wide packaging range, good transparency and high yield are high-quality materials for the production of plastic bottles.

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