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PVC S-1000

PVC Resin S-1000 For Sale in Chemate

  • Polymerizing Index: 970-1070
  • Number of impurity particles: 16max
  • Volatile Matter, %: 0.2max
  • Number of Fish Eye (/400 cm2): 10max
  • Apparent Density, g/ml: 0.50-0.58min

PVC S-1000 is such a type of PVC suspension resin with an average degree of polymerization of 1000 and K value of 65-67. We can provide Sinopec S-1000. In addition, we can also supply other types of Sinopec PVC resin, such as, S-700 PVC resin, S-800 PVC resin, S-1300 PVC resin, etc. If you have no idea about which model you need, tell us the application fields or K value, then we will help you determine the corresponding model of PVC resin for sale in our company. Feel free to contact us for more details now.

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What Are Applications of PVC S-1000

PVC resin S-1000 is widely suitable for producing soft films, sheets, artificial leather, pipes, profiles, cable protection tubes, packaging films, hoses, shoe soles and various soft miscellaneous goods.

How Is PVC Resin S-1000 Made

Sinopec adopts the patented technology of Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. of Japan and Western Chemical Company of the United States, and introduces its complete set of equipment. Using vinyl chloride monomer as raw material, and adopting suspension polymerization process to produce PVC S-1000.

Package and transportation:

Sinopec PVC S 1000 is packaged in an outer composite kraft paper woven bag. The net weight is 25kg per bag.

Don’t use sharp tools such as iron hooks during transportation, loading and unloading, so as not to damage the packaging bags.

Using clean and covered vehicles to prevent rain during transportation.

When storing, it should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated warehouse.

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