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HDPE Film Grade

High density polyethylene HDPE film grade is generally used in the production of films that require superior stretchability and excellent barrier properties. HDPE film is commonly used in merchandise bags, grocery bags and food packaging. In addition, high density polyethylene is easy to reprocess and has minimal degradation characteristics. So HDPE film grade has a large number of applications in the packaging industry.

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Models of HDPE Film Grade for Sale in Chemate

Item Brands Applications TDS Get A Quote
F00851 SABIC® Typically offers a good balance between toughness and stiffness, good impact properties with low gel level.
F01257AM SABIC® Used for high quality thin and thick film production.
F0863 SABIC® Typically used for food packaging, release paper and photographic paper.
FI0750 SABIC® Balance between toughness and stiffness, good impact properties with low gel level.
FI0851P SABIC® Films made from this resin exhibit high stiffness, excellent impact and toughness characteristics.
FI1157 SABIC® Produce film with low gels level, high stiffness, high melt strength, high impact resistance and with narrow gauge tolerances at low film thickness.
FJ00952 SABIC® Suitable for producing thin films with excellent strength and rigidity
9656 Marlex® Industrial Packaging
9659 Marlex® Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
TRB-115 Marlex® Retail Packaging
9607 Marlex® Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
9608XD Marlex® Food Packaging, Retail Packaging, Coating, Lamination
TR-131 Lotrene® Produce bags, Shopping bags, Trash bags. Suitable for food packaging
TR-144 Lotrene® Multi-wall liners, T-shirt&shopping bags, Trash bags. Suitable for food packaging
L5005 Alathon® Typically used for commodity bags, grocery bags, trash can liners, as well produce bags, rolls.
EQUATE Recommended for high strength grocery sacks, shopping bags, produce bags and high quality thin films for multiwall sack liners and replacements for thin paper products.  

Excellent Performance of HDPE Film

  • Film grade high density polyethylene can be used in a wide temperature range. HDPE film can be used not only for frozen food packaging, but also for packaging bags that need to withstand boiling sterilization.
  • Has high mechanical strength. HDPE film is the strongest among polyethylene packaging films, and its tensile strength can reach more than twice that of LDPE packaging films. Therefore, the use of HDPE as packaging film can reduce the thickness, thereby reducing unit consumption and cost.
  • It has excellent moisture resistance and good oil resistance. HDPE film is the best water-based variety among commonly used packaging films. Although its oil resistance is not as good as barrier films such as nylon, it is the best variety among polyethylene films.
  • It is a very tough film with high elongation, tear strength and impact strength.
  • Excellent water resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Light weight, but heavier than LDPE and LLDPE.
  • In the case of low temperature, it shows quite strong rigidity.
  • Good heat resistance and better thermal stability than LDPE.
  • Generally, as the density increases, the mechanical properties increase, but the impact strength decreases instead. In addition, the oxygen permeability, odor, and organic solvent vapor permeability are reduced, and the stress cracking resistance is improved, which is very beneficial to packaging materials. Conversely, transparency deteriorates, elongation and impact strength decrease, molding processability deteriorates, and heat sealability also deteriorates.
  • The transparency of HDPE packaging film is significantly lower than that of LDPE packaging film. Due to the poor transparency of HDPE packaging film, it affects its application in many packaging fields. However, when the film is required to have light-shielding properties, less light-shielding agent can be added to the HDPE film to obtain a translucent or opaque film.
  • HDPE packaging film has better rigidity and poor flexibility. Due to the poor flexibility, the thickness of the film is limited, and the maximum thickness of HDPE packaging film is 0.10mm.
  • Poor UV resistance.
  • Adhesives have poor adhesion.

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