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Sabic Plastics

Sabic HDPE
Sabic HDPE
Sabic LDPE
Sabic LDPE

Models of Sabic Plastics We can Supply

Sabic HDPE Grade
blow molding B1054, B1054M, B4660, B4660AB, B5206, B5210, B5308, B5403, B5403M, B5411, B5421, B5428, B5429, B5822, B5822M , B5823, B6246LS, BM1052J, BM6246LS, C0549, T5E01BB, T5E01BG, T5E01BN, T5E01BW, W1464, Y10048M, ICP4907S, ICP5506, ICP5602, ICP5703, M1053
injection molding grade CC027C, CC027SL, CC2056, CC254, CC3054, CC453, CC453G, CC860, CC860V, M200050, M200056, M300054, M40053S, M40055M, M40055S, M40060, M40060S, M453SE, M75056F, M80063S, M80064, M80064S, M864EG, M864SE
blown film applications F00851, F00950, F00952, F00952J, F01257AM, F01552, F10750, FI0851P, FI1157, FJ00952, FJ01552
Film grade F04660, F0863
blow molding F4520
extrusion applications GF1442, P4200RT, P4808N, P4808NA, P5305N, P5307N, P5410NM, P5510, P5616N, P6006, P6006AD, P6006ADM, P6006AO, P6006LS, P6006N, P6006NA, P952
Sabic LDPEGrades
General grade2102NOW, 2102N3W, 2402H3W, HP2022JN, HP2023JN, HP2023NN,
Film grade2100NO, 2100NOW, 2101NOW, 2200HO, 2200H2, 2201HO, 2201H1, 2201H3W, 2404H4, 2404NO,  2500NO, 2501NO, 2501NOW, 2600HO, HP0322N, HP0322NN, HP0323NN, HP0722NN, HP0723JN, HP0823NN, HP20023, HP2025NN, HP2027LN, HP2027NN, HP4023WN, HP4024N, HP4023WN, HP4023WN, HP4027JN, HP4027NN, HP7022, HP7023
Tubular grade2005EC, 2008NO, 2015NO, 2308NO, 2402H3W , 2404NO,
Masterbatch grade1965NO,
Ultra Melt Strength (UMS) grade1905UO, 2202UO
Foam applications2004CX3, 2102XO, 2102X3, 2402CXO, 2600HO, 2602X1, HP0323NN, HP0823NN, HP2024JDF, HP2024NDF,
Food grade1922NO, 2201HOW, 2201H1W, 2602HOW, 2801HOW,
blown film extrusion grade2202H3W, 2402HO, HP0321NN, HP0723JN, HP0724NN, HP4025ZN,
Sabic LLDPEGrades
Film Grade118LJ, 118NE, 118NJ, 118NJA, 118NM, 118WJ, 118WJA, 118WM , 118WSJ, 118ZJ, 119NJ, 119ZJ , 120NT, 120WJ, 121WJ, 122NJ , 122WJ, 128CNJ, 218B, 218BE, 218BJ, 218NF, 218NJ, 218NJA, 218NT, 218WJ, 218WJA, 218WM, 219NJ, 219ZJ, 220HT, 220NT, 220WT, 221WT, 222NJ, 222WF, 222WJ, 222WT, 318BE, 318BJ, 318BJA, 319BJ, 320BJ, 518NJ, 518NT, 6118LE, 6118NSF, 6135NE, 6318BE, 6318BJ, 6335BE, 6821NE, 6821NJ, 726NE, 920NT, 926NT, BX202, C2820T
Injection moldingM13024T, M200024, M200024T, M300024, M500026, M500026T, M50022T, MG200024, MG500026
Extrusion applicationsP438J
Pipeline applicationsP1600A, R40039E, R50035, R50035E, R50035EE, RG50035

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