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Sabic LLDPE for Sale

Sabic LLDPE is a well-known LLDPE brand in the world. Sabic has researched and produced various specifications of LLDPE, including film grade, injection molding grade, extrusion applications, pipeline applications, wire and cable applications, etc.

Chemate, a leading and professional supplier of plastic materials with rich export experience, can provide customers with various models of Sabic LLDPE, including LLDPE 218WJ, LLDPE 118WJ, LLDPE 218BJ, LLDPE 118NJ, LLDPE 318BJ, LLDPE 219ZJ, etc. Feel free to tell us the models or grades you need, we will quote you the most competitive price quickly.

Several Hot Sale Sabic LLDPE Models

Sabic 218WJ

218WJ is a kind of butene-free TNPP grade linear low density polyethylene, which is suitable for general purpose packaging. It contains slip and anti-blocking additives, has the advantages of easy processing, good tensile properties, impact strength and optical properties.

Sabic 118wj

118WJ is commonly used for general purposes and is a kind of butene linear low density polyethylene resin. It is TNPP free, but contains slip and antiblocking agents. Films produced with Sabic 118wj are tough, with good puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good hot tack.


118NJ is TNPP free, does not contain slip and antiblock additives, and is generally used for general purposes. Films produced with this resin are tough, with good puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good hot tack.


With additive, without TNPP, 218BJ is a food grade LLDPE, which can be widely used in food packaging , such as lamination film and barrier film. Meanwhile, it can also be used in industrial packaging and as a blending partner with other PE resins in blown and cast film applications. It has good thermal stability, allowing the resin to be used under critical extrusion processing conditions.


Sabic LLDPE 219ZJ is usually for general use. It is produced using solution technology. Films produced with this resin are tough, with good puncture resistance, high tensile strength and good hot tack.


318BJ is a kind of LLDPE model designed for ease of processing. It has been specifically formulated for optimum high temperature thermal stability during cast film extrusion process. Cast films produced from SABIC LLDPE 318BJ have excellent optical properties, puncture resistance and tear strength.

Sabic M200024

LLDPE M200024 is a injection molding grade linear low density polyethylene copolymer with a narrow molecular weight distribution. It has good low temperature toughness, stress crack resistance and gloss.

LLDPE M500026

Sabic LLDPE M500026 has a narrow molecular weight distribution and is suitable for injection molding applications. It has excellent flow properties, better low temperature toughness, stress crack resistance and gloss.

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Other Grades of Sabic LLDPE

LLDPE Grades
Film Grade   118LJ, 118NE, 118NJ, 118NJA, 118NM, 118WJ, 118WJA, 118WM , 118WSJ, 118ZJ, 119NJ, 119ZJ , 120NT, 120WJ, 121WJ, 122NJ , 122WJ, 128CNJ, 218B, 218BE, 218BJ, 218NF, 218NJ, 218NJA, 218NT, 218WJ, 218WJA, 218WM, 219NJ, 219ZJ, 220HT, 220NT, 220WT, 221WT, 222NJ, 222WF, 222WJ, 222WT, 318BE, 318BJ, 318BJA, 319BJ, 320BJ, 518NJ, 518NT, 6118LE, 6118NSF, 6135NE, 6318BE, 6318BJ, 6335BE, 6821NE, 6821NJ, 726NE, 920NT, 926NT, BX202, C2820T
Injection molding M13024T, M200024, M200024T, M300024, M500026, M500026T, M50022T, MG200024, MG500026
Extrusion applications  P438J
Pipeline applications P1600A, R40039E, R50035, R50035E, R50035EE, RG50035

What Is Sabic LLDPE Price

Sabic LLDPE price varies from model to model. Meanwhile, the purchase quantity is also one of the factors that affect the price. Welcome to contact us to get the latest quotation.

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