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PP Raffia

What Is PP Raffia

PP Raffia refers to homo polypropylene plastic resins with a melt flow index of about 2-5.

PP raffia granules, due to its non-polar nature, has a higher dielectric coefficient and higher thermal insulation properties. It can be used in the production of sacks, rope, gelatin, garden furniture, large bags, yarn and medical materials. The most widespread use of pp raffia is fiber and is also used in the production of sacks and curtains.

Polypropylene raffia has a density of 0.90 to 0.91 g/cm3 and is particularly suitable for rope production. It can be used in fisheries, fish farms, yachting and marine equipment, industry, agriculture, construction and sports equipment. In addition, it is highly resistant to sunlight and contains some UV additives.

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