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Wankai PET Chips bottle grade can meet food packaging standards, which can be widely used in the production of bottle packaging containers, such as water bottle, beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc.

Product TypeAcetaldehyde Content (ug/g)Intrinsic Viscosity (dL/g)Melting point (℃)Recommended Applications
WK-801≤1.00.80± 0.015247±2


Water bottles, snack bottles, cosmetics bottles, etc.


WK-801L≤1.00.77± 0.015247±2
WK-811≤1.00.79± 0.015251±2

Tea bottles, flavouring bottles, etc.



WK-811L≤1.00.76± 0.015251±2
WK-821≤1.00.83± 0.015245±2Edible Oil bottles, medical bottles, etc.
WK-851≤1.00.88± 0.015245±2


Sparkling beverage and CSD bottles


WK-881≤1.00.87± 0.015244±2
WK-901≤1.00.87± 0.015240±2Big size bottles
WK-781≤1.00.78± 0.015245±2Transparent containers

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Non-bottle grade PET Chips

Super bright PET used to produce BOPET film, and fiber, filament yarn. 

PET chips for producing transparent photovoltaic back film. 

These products have good color, strong aging resistance, stable performance indicators and excellent processing performance.

Product TypeAcetaldehyde Content (ug/g)Intrinsic Viscosity (dL/g)Melting point (℃)Recommended Applications
WK-601≤1000.600± 0.02248±2


Base PET for WK-801 and WK-801L


WK-611≤1000.600± 0.02253±2Base PET for WK-811 and WK-811L
WK-621≤1000.600± 0.02247±2Base PET for WK-821
WK-681—–0.645± 0.01254±2Film for solar panel
WK-711—–0.720±0.015250±2Enhanced film for solar panel


BOPET film and fiber/filament yarn


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