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Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate SLES 70%

sodium lauryl ether sulfate SLES 70%
sodium lauryl ether sulfate SLES 70%

What Is sodium lauryl ether sulfate SLES 70%

  • Other name: AES
  • Molecular formula:C16H35NaO5S
  • CAS No.:68585-34-2
  • HS Code: 34021100
  • Appearance: White or Light Yellow Viscous Paste

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate SLES, also known as sodium alkyl ethoxy sulphate AES, is an anionic detergent and surfactant. Meanwhile, it is a very effective foaming agent. SLES chemical is widely used in toothpaste, soap, shower gel, shampoo, washing powder, cosmetics and other personal skin care products and household cleaning products. Sodium lauryl ether sulfate for sale on the market is viscous paste with 70% active ingredient content. So people are used to searching SLES 70% directly to find the product they need. Feel free to inquiry us for the best price of SLES 70 for sale in Chemate now.

Technical Specifications of SLES 70% for Sale in Chemate

Items Index
Appearance (25℃) White or Light Yellow Viscous Paste
Odor No Strange Odors
Active Matter (%) 70±2
Unsulphated Matter (%) ≤2.5
Sodium Sulfate (%) ≤1.5
PH value (25℃,2% sol) 7.0~9.5
Color (5% Klett ≤20
1,4-Dioxane, PPM 30Max.


Net 170kg /plastic drum (1FCL=19.38MT)

Net 220kg /plastic drum (1FCL=17.6MT)

Net 1100kg /IBC drum (1FCL=19.8MT)


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What Is SLES Chemicals Used For

As a detergent raw material, it is not only suitable for various powder washing products, but also suitable for various liquid detergents, such as, laundry detergent, dry cleaning agent, shampoo, hand soap, etc.

SLES is often used in phosphorus-free and low-phosphorus formulations, especially for heavy-duty and oil-removing detergent products. Using it to partially replace LABSA can save or reduce phosphate usage.

In textile, printing, dyeing industry, petroleum and leather industry, SLES chemical can be used as lubricant, dyeing agent, cleaning agent, foaming agent and degreasing agent.

More About Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

  1. It is an anionic surfactant with excellent performance.
  2. It has good cleaning ,emulsifying,wetting and foaming properties.
  3. Easily soluble in water, compatible with a variety of surfactants.
  4. Good thickening effect.
  5. It has good anti-hard water efficiency.
  6. It is biodegradable and has low skin and eye irritation.

The preparation of sodium lauryl ether sulfate five process steps, condensation of lauryl alcohol and ethylene oxide, sulfation of condensation product, neutralization, pressure filtration to remove the residue, and distillation of the filtrate to dealcohol.

  1. Put lauryl alcohol into the reaction kettle, and then put a certain proportion of potassium hydroxide into the dispensing tank. And then put it into the reaction kettle after being prepared into a 50% aqueous solution.
  2. Vacuumize, control the degree of vacuum at 13.3kpa. And gradually heat up to about 120℃ for dehydration.
  3. After the dehydration is completed, the air is replaced with nitrogen.
  4. After the air is exhausted, raise the temperature to 140-150℃.
  5. Start stirring and feed ethylene oxide at 3kpa.
  6. Then lower the kettle temperature gradually to about 5℃.
  7. Add sulfuric acid for acidification. After one hour, it was neutralized with sodium hydroxide and alcohol solution.
  8. After neutralization, the filter residue is removed by pressure filtration. And the filtrate is dealcoholized to obtain the finished product.

Compared to SLS, SLES chemical is a milder surfactant that is less irritating to the skin. It is only irritating to the skin if it is left on the skin for a longer period of time or used on higher concentrations.

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate is a widely used anionic surfactant. It has a long history of use in cosmetics and detergents. It makes the lather of the shampoo very rich. And it has good water solubility and strong cleaning ability.

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