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Titanium Dioxide R-5568

R-5568 TiO2

Titanium dioxide R-5568 is a kind of Rutile titanium dioxide pigment produced by sulfate process, Alumina, Zirconia inorganic treated and organic treated with good whiteness, low oil absorption, high dispersion and good processibility.  

Applications: Plastic, rubber and master-batch.

Technical Specifications of Titanium Dioxide r-5568

TiO293.0% min
Brightness(Jasn)94.5% min
Reducing power(Reynolds)1900 min
Volatile in 105℃0.5% max
Aqueous Suspension PH6.0~9.0
Oil Absorption23 max
Sieve Residue(25μm)0.015% max
Electric Resistivity(Ω·m)40 min
Water Soluble0.5% max
Rutile Content97.5% min
Dispersibility(Hegman)5.75 min
Blue Whiteness(R437)92.5 min
Scattering Power97 min

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