Plastic Chemicals

SG-5 PVC Resin
PVC Resin
Polyvinyl Chloride Paste Resin
PVC Paste Resin
Fengbai Dioctyl Phthalate
Dioctyl Phthalate DOP

Construction Chemicals

SG 98% in Chemate
Sodium Gluconate 98%
Sodium Lignosulfonate 25kg Package
Sodium Lignosulfonate

Water Treatment

PAC 30% Powder Package
Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid TCCA Disinfectant
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid TCCA 90
Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate SDIC
Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate SDIC
Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearls
Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearls
PAM Polymer
Polyacrylamide PAM
Chemate Oxalic Acid for Sale
Oxalic Acid

Phosphorus Chemicals

Chemate Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Sodium Hexametaphosphate SHMP
Chemate Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Sodium Tripolyphosphate STPP
Trisodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate
Trisodium Phosphate TSP

Paint & Coatings

Chemate Red Iron Oxide
Red Iron Oxide
Black Iron Oxide
Black Iron Oxide
Chemate Brown Iron Oxide
Brown Iron Oxide
Chemate Yellow Iron Oxide
Yellow Iron Oxide
Chemate Green Iron Oxide
Green Iron Oxide
Chemate Blue Iron Oxide Pigment
Blue Iron Oxide
Orange Iron Oxide 960
Orange Iron Oxide
Titanium Dioxide Rutile Package
Titanium Dioxide Rutile Grade
Anatase Grade Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide Anatase Grade

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