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Marlex HDPE is one of the best selling polyethylene brands on the market today. Our company can provide customers with all HDPE models of Marlex, such as, Marlex TR144, Marlex 5502, Marlex 50100, Marlex HHM 5502bn, Marlex 9018, Marlex HXM 50100, Marlex trb 115, Marlex 9006, etc. Have any need? Inquiry us for further details.

Different Applications of Marlex High Density Polyethylene Resin

Models Applications TDS
Marlex® 9503H HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® 9503HF HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® 9505H HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® 9512H HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® 9513H HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® 9514H HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® 9515H HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® HHM 4903 HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® HHM 5202BN HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® HHM 5502LW HDPE Household & Industrial Chemicals
Marlex® C513UV HDPE Intermediate Bulk Containers
Marlex® EHM 6004 HDPE Food Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® EHM 6007 HDPE Liquid Food
Marlex® HHM 5502-01ST HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HXB TR-512 HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HXM 50100 HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HXM TR-571 HDPE Jerrycans, Open top drums, 220L L-ring drums
Marlex® HXM 50100-01 HDPE Large Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex® HHM 5502BN HDPE Personal Care, Pharmaceutical
Marlex® HHM 5502BZ HDPE Personal Care, Pharmaceutical
Marlex® HHM 5502LD HDPE Personal Care, Pharmaceutical
Marlex®  9004 HDPEPails, Crates
Marlex®  9005 HDPELarge Containers
Marlex®  9006 HDPEPails, Crates
Marlex®  9010 HDPEFood, Agriculture, Industrial
Marlex®  9010C HDPEFood, Agriculture
Marlex®  9012 HDPEToys, Housewares, Closures
Marlex®  9012C HDPECaps, Closures
Marlex®  9018 HDPECaps, Closures
Marlex®  9035 HDPEFood containers, Toys
Marlex®  9708 HDPEPails, Crates
Marlex®  HMN 6060 HDPEPails, Crates
Marlex®  HMN 6060UV HDPEPails, Crates
Marlex®  9332 HDPEConduit
Marlex®  HXB TR-494 HDPECorrugated Pipe
Marlex®  TRB-432 HDPEPressure Pipe
Marlex®  TRB-437LS HDPEPressure Pipe
Marlex®  TRB-490 HDPECorrugated Pipe
ModelsApplications TDS
Marlex®  HMN TR-942 HDPEChemical Tanks, Water Tanks
Marlex®  HMN TR-945 HDPELarge Tanks, Ductwork, High-Modulus Parts
Marlex®  K606 HDPEThermoforming
Marlex®  HHM 5502-01ST HDPELarge Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex®  HXM 50100 HDPELarge Parts, Industrial Products
Marlex®  9656 HDPEIndustrial Packaging
Marlex®  9659 HDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex®  TRB-115 HDPERetail Packaging
Marlex®  9607 HDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex®  9608XD HDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging, Coating, Lamination

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Why Buy Marlex HDPE

Marlex® is a family of polyethylene grades derived from ethylene monomer and comonomer. It can produce and provide products with different purposes and specifications. n the production process, some additives may be added according to different properties, such as antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, antistatic agents and processing aids, to change its physical properties. Marlex HDPE can be used in many different areas of everyday life, including everything from battery boxes to fuel tanks, pipes to toys, medical devices to everyday plastic bottles.

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