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Marlex HDPE TR144

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With the excellent characteristics of good processability, good toughness and durability, as well as good blending property, Marlex tr144 is specially tailored for film applications. HDPE tr144 can be widely used in the manufacturing of various shopping bags, trash bags, etc. Meanwhile, hdpe Marlex tr144 is suitable for food packaging.

Technical Specifications of Marlex HDPE TR144

Typical Properties Value
Density 0.946g/cm³
Melt index(190°C/2.16kg) 0.18g/10min
HLMI (190°C/21.6kg) 15g/10min
Flexural Modulus, Tangent 1150Mpa
Brittleness Temperature <-75℃
Dart Drop (66cm) 90g
Spencer Impact Strength 0.35J
Tensile Yield Strength, 50 mm/min MD:24Mpa; TD:26Mpa
Elongation at Break, 50 mm/min MD:4805;TD:640%
Elmendorf Tear Strength MD:19g TD:270g

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Premium Properties of Films Produced from HDPE TR144

  • Wide operating temperature range. HDPE film can be used not only for frozen food packaging, but also for packaging bags that need to withstand boiling sterilization.
  • High mechanical strength. HDPE film is the strongest among polyethylene packaging films, and its tensile strength can reach more than twice that of LDPE packaging film. Therefore, using HDPE only as packaging film can reduce the thickness, thereby reducing unit consumption and cost.
  • Excellent moisture resistance and good oil resistance. HDPE is the most water-resistant variety among commonly used packaging films. Although its oil resistance is not as good as barrier films such as nylon, it is the best variety among polyethylene films.
  • Heat sealing is easy and can be repeatedly heat sealed.
  • High elongation, tear strength, impact strength. It is a very tough film, but it feels less hard.
  • Excellent water resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Light weight, but heavier than LDPE and LLDPE resin.
  • In the case of low temperature, it shows quite strong rigidity.
  • Heat resistance and thermal stability are better than LDPE.
  • Generally, as the density increases, the mechanical properties increase, but the impact strength decreases instead, and the moisture resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, adhesion resistance, and double sliding all increase. In addition, the oxygen permeability, odor, organic solvent vapor permeability and other properties are reduced, and the stress cracking resistance is improved, which is very beneficial to packaging materials. Conversely, transparency deteriorates, elongation and impact strength decrease, molding processability deteriorates, and heat sealability also deteriorates.

Marlex TR144 Price

Marlex TR144 price is affected by price changes of raw materials and market changes. So please contact us to get the latest quotation. As a reliable supplier in China with rich experience in exporting plastic raw materials, we can guaranteed very competitive price.

Marlex tr144 for Sale
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