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Marlex LDPE

Marlex LDPE

Models of Marlex LDPE

Blow MoldingMarlex® 4538A LDPELiquid Food Bottles
Marlex® 5104 LDPELiquid Food Bottles
Injection MoldingMarlex® 1007 LDPECaps, Housewares
Marlex® 1009 LDPECaps, Housewares
Marlex® 1122B LDPECaps, Housewares
Marlex® KN226 LDPCaps, Housewares
Marlex® 1412 LDPEThin Wall Molding
Blown FilmMarlex® 1122 LDPEIndustrial Packaging
Marlex® 5335 LDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5613 LDPEIndustrial Packaging
Marlex® 5619 LDPEIndustrial Packaging
Marlex® 5626 LDPEIndustrial Packaging
Marlex® 5561 LDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5563 LDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5754 LDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Marlex® 5755 LDPEFood Packaging, Retail Packaging
Cast FilmMarlex®  1122 LDPEIndustrial Packaging
Marlex®  4571 LDPEPersonal Care
Marlex®  5428 LDPEFood Packaging
Marlex® 5429 LDPEFood Packaging
Marlex® 5430 LDPEFood Packaging
Marlex® 5440 LDPEFood Packaging
Extrusion Coating and LaminationMarlex® 1013 LDPEFlexible Packaging, Lamination
Marlex® 1017 LDPEFlexible Packaging, Lamination
Marlex® 1018 LDPEFlexible Packaging, Lamination
Marlex® 1019 LDPEFlexible Packaging, Lamination
Marlex® 4517 LDPEBoard Coating, Flexible Packaging

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