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The Reasons Why the PVC Resin Price has been Rising Recently

  • The price of calcium carbide (one of the raw materials of PVC resin) has been increasing. The calcium carbide market in China continued to rise in February, with an increase of 450 yuan/ton. The market was already in tight supply in the early Spring Festival, but considering the transportation uncertainty during the holidays, the market remained stable and wait-and-see. After the Spring Festival, the main producing areas of calcium carbide continued to have irregular power restrictions, the supply was limited, and the market supply tension was strengthened again.
  • The price of vinyl chloride monomer VCM rises. Affected by the cold wave in the United States, the supply of dichloroethane EDC is tight. At the same time, affected by the reduced supply in the US, the post-holiday sentiment in the Asian market is bullish. DichloroethaneEDC prices in Asia have risen this week, and local producers still have the intention to continue to increase prices. The increase of VCM price affects the procurement cost of ethylene law companies to a certain extent. Calcium carbide and ethylene are the key raw materials for the production of PVC, and the price increase is the key reason leading to the price increase of PVC.
  • The cold wave in Texas in the United States caused the suspension of production at important energy and chemical bases, involving 3.5 million tons of PVC production capacity, accounting for approximately 40% of the US production capacity and 6.5% of the global production capacity.
  • Increase in demand for PVC resin. PVC resin is a kind of basic plastic with great demand. It has a wide range of uses and a considerable growth rate. PVC has good mechanical and physical properties, and is widely used in industries such as artificial leather, cable materials, films, plates, wallpapers, floor coils, battery separators and toys. Among them, pipes and pipe fittings account for about 30%. Profiles, doors and windows account for about 21%. The global epidemic has been better and better, and various industrial fields, real estate and other industries have ushered in a global recovery.

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