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What Are Applications Of Titanium Dioxide In The Paper Industry

Titanium dioxide paper grade is mainly used in high-grade paper and thin paper as paper filler. It can make paper with the characteristics of good whiteness, good gloss, high strength, thin and smooth, uniform and high oil absorption. Adding titanium dioxide to chemical fibers can make light-resistant matte high white paper and brightly colored paper, and can achieve the effect of anti-ultraviolet paper. Titanium dioxide for papermaking generally uses anatase titanium dioxide without surface treatment, which can act as a fluorescent whitening agent and increase the whiteness of paper. However, the laminated paper requires the use of surface-treated rutile titanium dioxide to meet the requirements of light resistance and heat resistance.

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More Applications of Titanium Dioxide in The Paper Industry

  • The application of TiO2 powder in the treatment of papermaking wastewater can significantly increase the removal rate of pigment and lignin of the wstewater. Meanwhile, the ability to capture ink is significantly higher than other treatment agents. Due to its high treatment rate, the current research on the role of titanium dioxide in papermaking wastewater is relatively mature.
  • Titanium dioxide powder has good antibacterial ability and can completely degrade bacteria. Mixing it into slurry or paint can produce nano antibacterial paper, which is mainly use for physical antibacterial non-woven fabrics, household paper, medical and food packaging paper, etc… Mixing it with slurry can make the packaging lining paper of high-precision instruments and stainless steel with the characteristics of excellent wear resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosive and electrostatic shielding effects, as well as improve the safety factor of the packaging products.

What Are Applications of Titanium Dioxide Paper Grade in Different Paper

Plain paper. During production, add uncoated anatase or rutile titanium dioxide paper grade in the form of solid powder or slurry. The key performance requirements are good dispersibility in water, few coarse particles and good adhesion in paper.

Uncalendered fiberless paper. A kind of high-quality paper used for letters, business and photocopying. It is added in the form of slurry and the addition amount is generally relatively low. The main performance requirements are opacity, brightness, adhesion, optical brightness coefficient and abrasion. Anatase type will be prefered when require wear characteristics.

Calendered fiber-free paper. For high-end magazines and advertising purposes. It is added in the form of slurry and the titanium dioxide paper grade used should be coated. The main performance requirements are opacity, brightness and coloring rate.

Calendered wood pulp paper. For mailing orders, propaganda paper in newspaper and general magazines. In this application, it mainly provides opacity and brightness to improve the opacity and brightness of the base paper.

Art board. A kind of hard thin cardboard, mainly for packaging boxes. Because the brightness of original cardboard is very low, the amount of TiO2 is high. The opacity of the coating to cover the original cardboard is the most important performance requirement.

Bleached cardboard. Mainly used to make cardboard, paper cups and foldable cardboard boxes for liquid and solid packaging. The main performance requirements are brightness and color.

Laminated paper. For furniture and floors. Titanium dioxide pigment is used in the form of slurry. The main performance requirements are opacity, gloss retention, color and adhesion.

As a new type of environmental protection material, titanium dioxide plays an important role in solving air pollution and pesticide pollution in terms of environmental protection. Its good photoelectric performance makes it irreplaceable in the production of solar cells.


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