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372MT PVC Resin to Vietnam

In April of this year, a Vietnamese customer purchased 2X40ft containers(52MT) of PVC resin from our company. The client’s company is mainly engaged in the furniture manufacturing industry, and at the same time, is also a large distributor in Vietnam. Based on the two reasons, they have a large demand for PVC resin. So when our sales manager were negotiating with customers, she said that they need to place a small trial order first, if the quality of our products is qualified, they will place a larger order again.

Then in May, the customer placed another PVC order for 12X40ft containers(320MT in total), including 208MT Sinopec’s S-1000. Part of the 320MT of PVC resin they bought is used for their own production and part is used to sell to their other customers. Now, this batch of goods has been put into use. Looking forward to cooperating with the company again. If you have any questions of PVC resin, feel free to inquiry us now, we will reply you quickly.

372MT PVC Resin S-1000 SG5 to Vietnam
PVC Resin SG5 in 40ft Container


Please feel free to inquiry us now, and we will reply you in 24 hours.