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Blue Iron Oxide

Blue Iron Oxide Pigment Powder

What Is Blue Iron Oxide

Blue iron oxide, also known as iron oxide compound blue, is mainly composed of magnetite, which makes it has strong magnetism. Its crystal belongs to the oxide mineral of the equiaxed crystal system. It is mostly dark blue or light blue powder in appearance with the performance of bright color and high colouring power. Construction grade can be used for the coloring of paving stones, color concrete blocks, split brick, interlocking bricks, color harder, roofing tiles, rubber bessel, slurry, color asphalts, permeable asphalt concrete, sports racetracks, wood-plastic floor WPC, etc… Send us inquiry for more details and quotation now, we will reply you very quickly. 

Color value & Tinting strength Unit Specification Test Method
Mass Tone DEabL ≤ 1.0 ISO787-1
Tint Tone DEabL ≤ 0.8 ISO787-16
Relative tinting strength % 97 ~ 103 ISO787-16
Fe2O3 Content % ≥ 80.0 ISO1248
Matter Volatile at 105℃ % ≤ 1.0 ISO787-2
Water Soluble Salts % ≤ 2.5 ISO787-3
Residue on 45μm Mesh % ≤ 0.3 ISO787-7
PH Value 6.0 ~ 8.5 ISO787-9
Oil Absorption g/100g 25 ~ 35 ISO787-5
Density g/cm3 4.50 ISO787-10
Tamped Density g/cm3 0.80 ISO787-11
Predominant Particle Size μm Irregular Electron Micrographs
Particle Shape Irregular Electron Micrographs

   Item/Colour Alta   

Primary Color

Dilute Color(TiO2: blue iron oxide=5:1)

Blue Iron Oxide 882

Factors Influencing The Quality of Blue Iron Oxide

Blue Paint and Coatings
  • The particle size determines the quality of  ferric oxide blue and also determines its stability.
  • Its color mainly depends on the existence of colored ions. The deployment of colors needs to be operated in proportion, and there is also a certain internal connection between the pigments.
  • In the color modulation of blue iron oxide pigment, you should know about the color mixing principle of pigments. The more types of mixed pigments are used, the lower their brightness and purity, and the color tends to be dark gray.
Blue Bricks
Uses in bricks
Blue Building
In paint and coating
Blue Rubber
Uses in asphalt road
Blue Masterbatch
Uses in plastic and masterbatch

What Are The Advantages of Blue Iron Oxide Pigment

  • High tinting power. The stronger the tinting power, the brighter the color.
  • High light resistance. It is generally believed that the more alkali metals in iron oxide blue pigment, the stronger its light resistance. But after mixing it with white pigments, such as titanium dioxide, the light resistance will decrease.
  • Wide range of uses. In a high temperature environment, there is little moisture and the color will be brighter. In a low temperature environment, there is more moisture and the color will become dark.
  • The hue of this pigment varies from dark blue to bright blue, and has a certain relationship with their composition. The more alkali metal is contained in blue iron oxide, the more FE(CN)6 atomic group and the less water content, the brighter its color. In addition to the chemical composition, the hue, tinting strength, dispersibility and oil absorption of iron blue are closely related to their particle size.

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