Choose The Suitable Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

>>> Common Treatment Methods for Industrial Boiler Water

Out-of-boiler water treatment. Before the raw water enters the boiler, water treatment equipment is used to desalinize, soften, remove large particles of impurities and other harmful substances to make the water supply meet the standards. Sodium ion exchange water softening equipment, ion exchange desalination equipment and other processes are often used.

Water treatment in the boiler. Boiler water treatment chemicals are used to treat the water quality in the boiler to avoid the corrosion of the inner wall of the boiler by impurities in the water and prevent the boiler from scaling.

>>> Common Used Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

It is important to ensure that the most suitable boiler water treatment chemicals are used. Because in the long run, the cost of using the wrong chemicals may be higher and may not provide adequate treatment methods for the steam boiler. Different working pressures, system materials and chemical composition of makeup water will affect the treatment procedures that industrial boiler should use.

Corrosion and scale inhibitor. It can carry out complex physical and chemical reactions on boiler water under high temperature conditions, can remove the hardness of the water, effectively prevent the formation of scale on the heating surface of the boiler, and prevent the boiler from being corroded.

Chemical deoxidizer. It can effectively absorb the dissolved oxygen in the boiler water and prevent the dissolved oxygen from corroding the boiler. The chemical reaction produced by it does not harm the boiler. The agent has a certain energy saving effect.

Feed water alkali reducer. It can effectively reduce the alkalinity of boiler feed water, increase the concentration multiple of boiler water, and reduce sewage discharge. It is suitable for low-pressure steam boilers with high feed water alkalinity and low chloride content.

Steam condensate treatment agent. This agent has strong permeability, which can effectively inhibit acid corrosion of metals and prolong the service life of equipment.

Chelating agents. Such as inorganic phosphates, which act as inhibitors and act as a threshold.

Defoamer or anti-primer. A mixture of surfactants that can change the surface tension of the liquid, remove foam and prevent the residue of fine water particles in the steam.

>>> Why Chemical Water Treatment in The Boiler is Necessary

Boiler water treatment agent is one of the indispensable processes in industrial boiler feedwater treatment. Its application extends the service life of boiler equipment, thereby reducing the investment cost of enterprises.

>>> The Functions of Phosphates in Boiler Water Treatment

Prevent the formation of calcium and magnesium scale in the water wall pipe and slow down the rate of its scaling.

Increase the buffering of the boiler water to prevent acidic or alkaline corrosion of the water wall pipe.

Reduce the dissolution and carryover of steam to silica, improve the chemical properties of steam turbine deposits, and reduce steam turbine corrosion.

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