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Detergent Builders And Their Functions

In synthetic detergents, any auxiliary materials that are related to decontamination and can increase the characteristics of detergents are called detergent builders. Detergent additives can be divided into inorganic additives and organic additives.

>>> Inorganic Additives

>>>> Phosphates

Phosphates are important assistant to improve the comprehensive washing and decontamination ability of synthetic detergent. Among them, sodium tripolyphosphate powder is the most widely used phosphate in detergent powder.

>>> Main Functions of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in Detergents

Metal ion integration. STPP chemical has a strong ability to integrate multivalent metal ions, so that it can complex insoluble multivalent metal cations and turn them into soluble composite ions to eliminate heavy metal ions(such as calcium,magnesium, iron ions, etc… ) in the washing water.

Functions of improving degumming, emulsification and dispersion. Sodium tripolyphosphate has the effect of swelling and solubilization on protein, thus playing a degumming effect. For fatty substances, it can promote emulsification and disperse solid particles.

Alkaline buffering effect. STPP powder is alkaline in water, which can saponify oily and fatty acid dirt, make it water-insoluble into water-soluble, thus achieving the purpose of decontamination.

>>> >Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate, also known as water glass, is a glassy colloid. It is easily soluble in water.

With strong alkalinity, it can help remove acid dirt and promote the saponification and emulsification of oils. During the cleaning process, even a large amount of acidic can maintain a high PH value.

It has a certain protective effect on the fabric. In the synthetic washing powder, a certain amount of sodium silicate is added to maintain the strength of the fabric and reduce the damage rate of the fabric.

Anti-corrosion effect. It can effectively prevent corrosion of metal parts. After sodium silicate is dissolved in water, it has good suspending power and stability, which can prevent suspended dirt from depositing on fabric. It also has the effect of increasing the emulsifying power of the washing solution and stabilizing foam.

Other inorganic additives are sodium carbonate and sodium sulfate, etc…

>>> Organic Additives

>>>> Anti-redeposition Agent

Mixing small amount of anti-redeposition agent in the synthetic detergent, such as methyl cellulose, polyacrylic acid pot, acrylic acid, maleic acid, copolymer, can prevent the dirt that has been washed away from the fabric from being deposited on the fabric again.

>>>> Fluorescent Brightener

Fluorescent brightener is one of the auxiliary materials of synthetic detergent. The amount if small, but it has a great effect, which can convert the invisible ultraviolet light into visible light, thereby enhancing the look and feel of the washed fabric, making the white fabric whiter and the color fabric more vivid and pleasing.


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