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Enable™ 2010

Enable™ 2010 resins are ethylene 1-hexene copolymers. Enable™ performance polymer resins offer an outstanding balance between processing and film properties, including tensile, impact and puncture. TnPP is not intentionally added to Enable™ 2010 resins.


Agricultural film, blown film, cast film, cast stretch film, food packaging, form fill and seal packaging, heavy duty bags, lamination film, multilayer packaging film, shrink film, stand up pouches, stretch film.

Item Antiblock Slip Processing Aid Thermal Stabilizer
Enable™ 2010ME 2000ppm 500ppm Yes Yes
Enable™ 2010PA No No No Yes
Enable™ 2010MA No No Yes Yes
Physical Properties Value Unit
Melt Index, Condition 190 C°/ 2.16 kg 1.0 g/10min
Density 0.920 g/cm³

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