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ExxonMobil LD 100

ExxonMobil LD 100 series are LDPE grades, offering a good balance of optical and mechanical.

Several additive packages are available according to the required surface properties.

LD 100AC: Antiblock: 450 ppm;  Slip: 500 ppm;  Thermal Stabilizer: Yes

LD 100BW: Antiblock: No: Slip: No: Thermal Stabilizer: Yes

LD 100BR: Antiblock: 1000 ppm;  Slip: 750 ppm;  Thermal Stabilizer: Yes

Main Applications:

Blend Partner, Cast Film, Compounding, Foams, Food packaging, Form Fill and Seal Packaging, Freezer Film, Lamination Film, Light Duty Shrink Film, Liners, Mail Bag, Produce Bags, Shoppers, Textile Packaging, Tough Medium Sized Molding.

Physical Properties Value Unit ASTM
Melt Index, Condition 190 C°/ 2.16 kg 0.25 g/10min ISO 1133
Density 0.921 g/cm³ ASTM D792

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