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InnoPlus 2420D

InnoPlus LD2420D is produced by high pressure tubular process, a technology licensed by LyondellBasell. This grade offers easy processability, good balance of mechanical and optical properties. Film extruded from InnoPlus LD2420D has high tensile strength, elongation, good toughness and good tear strength.

Typical Applications: InnoPlus LD2420D is recommended for producing the heavy duty films, agricultural films, shrink films, tubes and small extrusion blow molding containers.

Additives : No Slip and No Antiblock

Physical Properties Value Unit ASTM
Melt Index, Condition 190 C°/ 2.16 kg 0.27 g/10min ISO 1133
Density 0.922 g/cm³ ISO 1183
Melting Temperature 111 ISO 11357
Vicat softening temperature A50(10n) 95 ASTM D1525

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