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InnoPlus HDPE

Innoplus HDPE Resin

InnoPlus HDPE provides uni-modal and bi-modal molecular structure with wide range of melt flow rate and density that gives InnoPlus HDPE excellent processability together with high mechanical strength, which is suitable for various applications.

InnoPlus HDPE Grades

INNOPLUS HD 1100 JHDPE Injection0.95818 6064
INNOPLUS HD 1200 JHDPE Injection0.9628 2062
INNOPLUS HD 1600 JHDPE Injection0.95812521064
INNOPLUS HD 1600 JPHDPE Injection0.958125 ( 3 )23064
INNOPLUS HD 2200 JPHDPE Injection0.9613.56 ( 4 )>100066
INNOPLUS HD 2208 JHDPE Injection0.9613.76>100065
INNOPLUS HD 2209 JHDPE Injection0.9543.78>100064
INNOPLUS HD 2308 JHDPE Injection0.9626575065
INNOPLUS HD 2408 JHDPE Injection0.9647275065
INNOPLUS HD 3000 CHDPE Injection0.95422480062
INNOPLUS HD 3001 CHDPE Injection0.95422480062
INNOPLUS HD 3355 FHDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9511.1 >100062
INNOPLUS HD 3502 CHDPE Injection0.9561490 ( 460 )91062
INNOPLUS HD 4200 BHDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9660.6725>100065
INNOPLUS HD 5000 SHDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9540.830>100064
INNOPLUS HD 5200 BHDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9660.4530>100066
INNOPLUS HD 6000 CHDPE Injection0.9570.4390100066
INNOPLUS HD 6000 FHDPE Injection0.9560.16>50095064
INNOPLUS HD 6001 CHDPE Injection0.9570.4390100066
INNOPLUS HD 6200 BHDPE Injection0.9620.4560100065
INNOPLUS HD 6366 MHDPE Injection0.9520.35>100080063
INNOPLUS HD 6366 MBHDPE Injection0.9610.35>200080063
INNOPLUS HD 6376 EBHDPE Injection0.9620.06>200075063
INNOPLUS HD 6396 EBHDPE Injection0.9620.06>200080063
INNOPLUS HD 6600 BHDPE Injection0.9570.04400100065
INNOPLUS HD 6800 BHDPE Injection0.9660.1736100066
INNOPLUS HD 7000 FHDPE Injection0.9560.04>200082064
INNOPLUS HD 7000 HHDPE Injection0.9520.01>100090063
INNOPLUS HD 7200 BHDPE Injection0.9560.04>100080063
INNOPLUS HD 8000 FHDPE Injection0.950.03>200079062
INNOPLUS HD 8100 MHDPE Injection0.9520.25>100075064
INNOPLUS HD 8100 MBHDPE Injection0.9620.25>200078064
INNOPLUS HD 8200 BHDPE Injection0.9550.03>100085064

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