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Lotrene TR144 in Stock

Lotrene TR144, HDPE polymer specially designed for film applications. We now have a shipment ready to be shipped to the customer. Tell us your demand, we always have Lotrene HDPE in stock and the most competitive price.

Physical PropertiesUnitValue
Melt Index, Condition 190 C°/ 2.16 kgsg/10min0.18
HLMI, Condition 190 C°/21.6 kgsg/10min15
Flexural Modulus, TangentMPa1150
Brittleness Temperature°C<-75
Typical Film Properties**  
Dart Drop (66cm)g90
Spencer Impact StrengthJ0.35
Tensile Yield Strength, 50 mm/minMPaMD: 24
  TD: 26
Elongation at Break, 50 mm/min%MD: 480
  TD: 640
Elmendorf Tear StrengthgMD: 19
  TD: 270

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Lotrene TR144 HDPE
Lotrene TR144 Film Grade HDPE

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