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Marlex HGZ-120SP

Marlex PP Supplier

Marlex HGZ-120SP

Marlex HGZ-120SP PP can be used for general purpose injection moulding and multifilament fiber.

Nominal Resin PropertiesValue (SI Units)Method
Density0.904 g/cm3ASTM D1505
Melt Flow Rate, Condition 230°C/2.16 kg12 g/10 minASTM D1238
Tensile Strength at Yield, 50.8 mm/min36 MPaASTM D638
Flexural Modulus, Secant, 1.3 mm/min1550 MPaASTM D790
Notched Izod Impact, @23°C30 J/mASTM D256
Durometer Hardness, Type D (Shore D)71ASTM D2240
Heat Deflection Temperature, @ 0.46 MPa100°CASTM D648

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