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PPH Y25 is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless natural color particles, with good fluidity and ductility. It easily forms filaments, acid, alkali and organic solvents, suitable for making tow, long and short fibers for cigarettes, and light and thin-walled ones Injection.

Index Unit PPH-Y25
Requirements Testing method
Granular appearance black particle pcs/kg 0 SH/T 1541-2006
Color particle ≤pcs/kg 2
large and small ≤g /kg 100
snakeskin and tail grain ≤pcs/kg 5
Melt mass flow rate g/10min 25 GB/T 3682-2000
Ash ≤% 0.035 GB/T 9345.1-200
Isotactic index ≥% 96 GB/T 2412-2008
Tensile yield stress (σy) ≥MPa 29 GB/T1040.2-2006
Fisheye 0.8mm ≤pcs/1520cm2 10 GB/T 6595-1986
0.4mm ≤pcs/1520cm2 40

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