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What Are Uses of Titanium Dioxide in Concrete

As one of the kind of white concrete pigment, titanium dioxide oxide can be used in color concrete, mortar, stucco, plaster and tint topically. In addition. In addition, it can also be used as photocatalyst in concrete to decrease NOx air pollution. We can supply both rutile grade and anatase grade titanium dioxide for concrete. 

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Properties of Titanium Dioxide Used as Photocatalyst

Like many other compounds, TiO2 can arrange itself into various shapes and patterns, which will affect its chemical properties. As the two particularly important titanium dioxide mineral structures in nature, rutile TiO2 and anatase TiO2 both have a high refractive index. It means that the speed of light passing through these minerals is quite slow. For example, the refractive index of diamond is about 2.42, that of glass is about 1.5. While the refractive index of anatase titanium dioxide is between 2.5 and 3.0, that of rutile titanium dioxide can reach 3.8. This chemical property makes titanium dioxide concrete pigment an effective photocatalyst. That’s to say, in the presence of light, it can accelerate the occurrence of chemical reactions.

Why Does The Uses of Titanium Dioxide Concrete Pigment Reduce Smog Pollution

Titanium dioxide concrete and cement can eliminate smog in the air when exposed to ultraviolet light. In order to purify the smog in the air, nitrogen oxides must be converted into different, less harmful substances, such as nitrate ions. Nitrate ions formed during the reaction then can generate neutral salts, which can be washed away by precipitation. Although this reaction can happen naturally, but it is very slow. Acts as photocatalyst, the presence of it can accelerates this process.

TiO2 can generate hydroxyl radicals and superoxide when exposed to ultraviolet rays. When they are oxidized, they will naturally decompose any nitrous oxide around them. This photodegradation process can convert these polluting particles into water-soluble sulfates or nitrates, which are then washed away from the surface when it rains.

Titanium dioxide concrete has similar structural properties to ordinary concrete. It even has greater flexural and compressive strength than ordinary concrete. Meanwhile, it is also very advantageous in terms of environment. For that, it has been proven to be effective in removing nitrogen oxides and common volatile organic compounds, decomposing pollutants in the air into harmless compounds, thereby removing them.

What Are Main Uses of Titanium Dioxide in Concrete

  • The loading rate of titanium dioxide white concrete pigment uses in concrete is between 3% to 5% by total concrete weight. It depends on depth of color required in the mix.
  • The additive of titanium dioxide won’t have a negative impact on the concrete. It still meets all the requirements for strength. In addition to its structural advantages, the material also has self-cleaning properties, which increases the life of the structure and reduces the requirements for daily maintenance.
  • Since titanium dioxide is a valuable material for both concrete structures and environmental impacts. It has many applications in construction and civil engineering. Two of the most important and effective applications are in roof tiles and structural concrete.
  • In roof tiles, used as a coating to significantly increase the oxidation rate of nitrogen oxides in the reaction. Because the titanium dioxide coating can eliminate substances that often accumulate on the roof. The roof tile coating can help to clean the smog in the air, as well as help to improve the appearance of the roof. 
  • In structural concrete, used as a coating for concrete. Or insert it into the outer surface of concrete mold, thereby reducing costs and improving its effect.

This article is just a brief introduction to the application of titanium dioxide concrete pigment. For that, this pigment also has many other applications, if you need more information about our product, you can check more details on the product page of titanium dioxide, or inquiry us to tell us more about your requirements directly.  


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