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Green Iron Oxide

Chemate Green Iron Oxide 5605

Green Iron Oxide Description

Green iron oxide is the mixture of yellow iron oxide and organic pigment phthalocyanine blue. It doesn’t have high requirements of yellow iron oxide, but phthalocyanine blue is extremely difficult to disperse in water, which requires special methods. First, the phthalocyanine blue need to be dispersed in water to make water-based color paste, and then mixed with the hydrophilic iron yellow, then dried and crushed to make compound iron oxide green powder. It has the characteristics of good light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and non-toxicity, as well as excellent dispersibility in water-based systems and cheap price. Therefore, it can be used in building materials in large quantities, also used as a colorant for cement, floor tiles and various water-based paints.

Item Unit Index Value Test Method
Contents % ISO1248
Oil absorption ml/100g 25-35 ISO787-5
Res.on 325 mesh % ≤0.3 ISO787-7
Water soluble salts % ≤3.0 ISO787-3
Moisture % ≤1.0 ISO787-2
PH value 6-9 ISO787-9
Ignition loss(1,000℃,1/2h) % DIN55913
Bulk density g/cm³ 0.6-0.9 ISO787-11
Specific gravity g/cm³ ISO787-10
Particle size BET µm Eletron Micrographs
Dispersibility(Hegman) µm ISO787-20
Tinting Strength(Compared with Standard) % 95-105 ISO787-24
Color Difference ΔE (Compared with Standard) ≤1.5 ISO787-1

   Item/Colour Alta   

Primary Color

Dilute Color(TiO2: green iron oxide=5:1)

Green 835

Green 5605

What Are Applications of Green Iron Oxide

Green Bricks Wall
Uses in bricks

With very stable chemical properties, iron oxide green has wide range of applications. It is mainly used in paint and coatings, plastics, building materials, construction industry. It can color the product, increase its beauty. At the same time, it can also provide relatively objective protection for the product itself, which is equivalent to putting on a protective coat for the product. Usually we add this pigment to various paints for coloring and as protective substances, such as, amino alkyds, nitros, alkyd resins and so on.
Its application method in paint is generally divided into three steps: wetting, grinding and mixing paint. The green iron oxide, paint and filler are mixed evenly in the batching tank to prepare a coarse color slurry. Then use different grinding equipment to grind it according to the different viscosity of the slurry. Then add resin, dry materials, solvents and other materials in the paint mixing tank for paint mixing, color matching, viscosity adjustment. Finally, it can be filtered and packaged into finished products.

Green Paint And Coating
Uses in paint and coating
Green Asphalt Road
In asphalt road
Green Rubber Ground
Uses in rubber ground
Iron Oxide Green Uses in Plastics
Uses in plastics

How to Choose Green Iron Oxide

  • Choose qualified manufacturers with relevant certifications, meet the standard requirements of ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system.
  • The product itself should have advantages, with excellent physical and chemical properties.
  • Choose environmentally friendly green iron oxide pigment with strong hiding power, high tinting power, soft color, stable performance and non-toxic.
  • Choose green iron oxide that are resistant to alkalis and have certain stability to weak and dilute acids.
  • Generally, you should choose the pigments that are insoluble in water and have excellent anti-rust and anti-ultraviolet functions.

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