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InnoPlus LDPE

Innoplus LDPE Resin

InnoPlus LDPE is widely used in manufacturing for various kind of segment such as heavy duty film, packaging film, zip bag, general purpose film, shrink film, small blow molding container and wire & cable application.

InnoPlus LDPE Grades

INNOPLUS LD 2026 KLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.924450/620
INNOPLUS LD 207LDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.925.5490/620
INNOPLUS LD 2420 DLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9230.3320/550
INNOPLUS LD 2420 FLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9240.8300/600
INNOPLUS LD 2420 HLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9241.9250/600
INNOPLUS LD 2420 KLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9244250/600
INNOPLUS LD 2420 MLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9237 
INNOPLUS LD 2420 TLDPE Injection0.92436 
INNOPLUS LD 2426 FLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9240.8250/550
INNOPLUS LD 2426 HLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9241.9250/560
INNOPLUS LD 2426 KLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9244250/600
INNOPLUS LD 209LDPE Injection0.9236  
INNOPLUS LD 401LDPE Injection0.92430  
INNOPLUS LD 204LDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.924 530/660

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