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Red Iron Oxide Description​

Red iron oxide powder is a traditional and important inorganic pigment, which is a red or dark red amorphous powder. Due to different preparation methods, the particle size and shape are also different. The color of red iron oxide powder varies from red-yellow to red-purple. Customers can choose different hue according to different requirements. It is non-toxic, with excellent high temperature resistance, light resistance, acid resistance and anti-corrosion performance. Meanwhile, the price is low. But it has good dispersion performance, strong covering ability and coloring ability. So it is widely used in various fields and is of great help to our life. The red iron oxide for sale in our company work very well, which can blend with other pigments and dyes to create amazing colors and shades.

Item Unit Index Value Test Method
Contents(Fe2O3.a H2O) % ≥96 ISO1248
Oil absorption ml/100g 15-25 ISO787-5
Res.on 325 mesh % ≤0.3 ISO787-7
Water soluble salts % ≤0.3 ISO787-3
Moisture % ≤1.0 ISO787-2
PH value 3-7 ISO787-9
Ignition loss(1,000℃,1/2h) % ≤1.0 DIN55913
Bulk density g/cm³ 0.7-1.1 ISO787-11
Specific gravity g/cm³ 5.0 ISO787-10
Particle size BET µm 0.13 Eletron Micrographs
Dispersibility(Hegman) µm 20/25/30 ISO787-20
Tinting Strength(Compared with Standard) % 95-105 ISO787-24
Color Difference ΔE (Compared with Standard) ≤1.0 ISO787-1
Item/Colour AltaPrimary ColorDilute Color(TiO2: red iron oxide=5:1)
Iron Oxide Red 101

Iron Oxide Red 110

120 Iron Oxide Red

Iron Oxide Red 130

Iron Oxide Red 190

Physical And Chemical Properties

Red iron oxide has a good heat resistance, the color won’t change even at 500℃, chemical structure won’t change at 1200℃ and is relatively stable. It can absorb the ultraviolet spectrum in sunlight, so it has a protective effect on the coating. Meanwhile, it is resistant to dilute acid, alkali, water and solvent, which makes it have good weather resistance. When the particle size of red iron oxide is 0.2um, it has the yellow phase, specific surface area and oil absorption are relatively large. When the particle size increases, the hue moves from red to purple, the specific surface area and oil absorption also become smaller. Iron oxide red is widely used in anti-rust coatings, for that it has a physical anti-rust function. Moisture in the atmosphere can’t penetrate the metal, it can also increase the density and mechanical strength of the coating.

There are two types of red iron oxide powder, natural type and man-made type with the density of 5-5.25. The natural type is basically pure iron oxide, which is always west red powder. Due to different production methods and operating conditions, the crystal structures and physical properties are very different, and the color varies from orange light to blue light to purple light. Regardless of the type, the hiding power and tinting power are great. It also has excellent light resistance and temperature resistance, and is resistant to atmospheric influences, dirt gases and all alkalis. Only when heated in concentrated acid will it gradually dissolve.

Performances And Uses of Red Iron Oxide Pigment

Red Bricks
Uses in bricks
Red iron oxide has many uses including pigments, ceramics, thermite welding, along with a wide range of other uses. Oxides are man-made pigments from natural elements. They are strong in tinting strength and more opaque than other colors, so it can often be used at a lower ratio than natural pigments. These colors are an excellent choice for cement and stucco, but are not limited to these uses. Red iron oxide pigment has the excellent properties of light resistance, high temperature resistance, alkali resistance and atmospheric impact resistance. Meanwhile, the raw materials are simple and easy to obtain, they can make full use of the waste and side resources of other industries. With low toxicity and wide range of uses, they can be generally used in construction, rubber, plastics and coating industries.

Properties: Iron oxide pigments are resistant to strong sunlight exposure, atmospheric influences, dirt and gas. It has good alkali resistance, good anti-rust performance and good anti-corrosion, as well as the function of decoration and identification, strong hiding power and coloring power.
Iron oxide pigments have good weather resistance, high purity, good thermal stability, good compatibility with other components in the application system, which can absorb ultraviolet rays, prevent the degradation of the base material. Coupled with the low cost, it can be widely used in coatings and paints. Because of its strong hiding power, it has strong impermeability to ultraviolet rays and very little water absorption, which can enhance the mechanical strength of the paint film in the paint film, especially the excellent characteristics in adhesion. Mixed with other antirust pigments, such as red lead and zinc yellow can enhance the stability and mechanical strength of the paint film.
Applications: It is now widely used in various outdoor paints, traffic paints, metal anti-rust primers and topcoats. Used for coloring and protecting substances of various paints, such as, alkyd resins, amino alkyds, vinyl chloride resins, polyurethanes, nitros, polyester paints, etc… It is also suitable for electrophoretic paint, magnetic paint, pencil paint, blending paint, water line paint, etc… In addition, it can also be used in water-based coatings, powder coatings and plastic coatings. And used in toy paint, decorative paint, as well as in toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, house paint, garage paint, parking lot paint, car finish paint, etc…

The color tone is beautiful and durable, resistant to strong exposure and climate change, as well as alkali-resistant, mortar-resistant, etc… It has no damage to the nature of the cement. With strong coloring power, the most suitable particle size, structure and good dispersion. The properties of good weather resistance, alkali resistance, light resistance are not available in other inorganic pigments or organic pigments. Therefore, iron pigments are used as paint and coloring in building materials.

Various indoor and outdoor colored concrete surfaces and building surfaces, such as, walls, floors, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels, sinks, blocks, towers, colored mortar, etc… Terrazzo and mosaic tiles. Also can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor walls, floors, stairs, porches, etc… Artificial stone, such as artificial marble, artificial gray stone. Asbestos cement, used to decorate wall panels, floor coverings, roof tiles, window sills, steps, etc…

In concrete products, the amount of iron oxide pigment is limited to 1%-10%. If exceeding the high limit, it will reduce the mechanical strength of the products, generally 5%-8% is appropriate. Meanwhile, if iron oxide pigment doesn’t contain lead and zinc oxide, it will affect the solidification time and strength. Concrete products sometimes need to be hot-pressed and cured above 200℃. Therefore, black and brown iron oxides that will be converted into red iron oxide must be thermally stabilized.

Red Construction
Uses in paint and coating of construction
Red Rubber Track
In asphalt road
Red Rubber Floor
In rubber floor
Red Masterbatch
Uses in plastic masterbatch

Advantages of Red Iron Oxide Powder in Chemate

  • The oil absorption amount, particle shape and size, surface area and relative density of red iron oxide are determined by the preparation method.
  • The iron oxide red products produced by Chemate should be inspected by the quality inspection department of the production plant to ensure that all the products manufactured are in line with the technical requirements of the standard.
  • The iron content, volatiles at 105℃, water solubles, water-soluble chlorides and sulfates, sieve residues, water suspension PH, oil absorption, color and relative coloring power in the technical indicators of red iron oxide pigment are regarded as the necessary inspection items. Each batch of products must be inspected in accordance with the test method specified in this standard.
  • First-class packaging service. We are committed to providing our customers with beautiful and strong packaging, as well as efficient logistics services. Advanced professional packaging equipment and perfect packaging operation process give the products the most appropriate protection. Full Range Packaging(as your choice), 25kg paper bags, 600-1250kg flexible container bags, Thermo-fusible bags, Repulpable paper bags.
  • Consistent Quality(as your assurance). Each batch of our products has undergone multiple strict tests to ensure the quality and stability of the products.

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