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Sodium Gluconate to Syria

A customer in Syria sent us an enquiry from our website. And the enquiry stated that the customer needed high-quality sodium gluconate that could be used in an aluminum plant. The quantity required by the customer is not particularly large, but have high requirement of the quality.

We first sent the specifications and parameters of the sodium gluconate sold by our company to the customer so that the customer could have a detailed understanding of the product. After analyzing the parameters, customers feel that our products can fully meet their needs. After a series of follow-up communications, the customer quickly established a trust relationship with us and placed an order from our company. The delivery of this batch of goods was very smooth, and the customer received the goods very quickly. After using, Customer feedback that the use effect is very good. Looking forward to our next cooperation.

Sodium Gluconate Delivery to Syria
Sodium Gluconate Delivery to Syria


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