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A Customer from Saudi Arabia Ordered 50MT SAPP Chemical

At the end of August, we received an inquiry for sodium acid pyrophosphate SAPP from a Saudi Arabia customer. We first confirmed with the customer the quantity of products he planned to purchase, the required specifications, packaging and usage. Then according to the detailed requirements of the client, we sent the customer the detailed specifications of SAPP for sale in our company, and quote a very competitive price. Before this purchase, the customer din’t have a stable cooperative company in China. Therefor, he have sent inquiries to many suppliers and want to choose the best supplier. After multiple considerations and comparisons, the client belives that our company is more powerful and our products are more competitive. Finally, he confirmed the contract with us.
A few days after signing the contract. the price of yellow phosphorus(raw material of SAPP) rose sharply due to the domestic power surtailment policy. In the case of alomost no profit, our company still maintains the original price for customer, and arranged the delivery quickly.
After the first pleasant cooperation, the customer said they have listed our company as their preferred supplier. Looking forward to the next cooperation.


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