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Red Iron Oxide to Indonesia

Harry, Indonesia, owns a factory producing bricks. In September 2019, Harry sent an inquiry looking for iron oxide red on our Alibaba shop. I contacted him and discussed his detailed requirement, then sent him the samples, waited for his test result. One week after he received the samples, when I greeted him as usual, Harry feedbacked: “Dear, the pigment test great”. 

And then we have a discussion below:

Me: Nice! ^^, Harry, when do you plan to place the order?

Harry: we can’t decide now, dear, my father is in Dubai. Then Harry explained that they are family business, and his father is CEO, so have to wait his father back from Dubai.

Then life went on, Harry was online a lot, but barely talked with me. But one day in the middle of November, I remember I was in the exhibition (CHINACOAT) in Shanghai, Harry suddenly sent a message to me: “Hi dear, we can move on, one container red 190, send the invoice to my email” That’s so amazing! There was no progress for two months, suddenly, they placed the order with me. I called Harry, he told me: we wanted to compare the iron oxides from more factories, so it took some time. But turns out your products are best. So let’s start our business. Until now I am clear that it’s our quality win Harry’s heart, and this is a beginning for our long-term business. 

Attatched the delivery pictures below:

Red Iron Oxide Delivery to Indonesia
Red Iron Oxide for-Bricks from Our Indonesia Customer


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