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BL3 HDPE Resin


HDPE BL3 is a kind of small blow molding grade HDPE resin with 1-Butene as co monomer. It is produced by suspension polymerization of ethylene monomer. With the excellent performance of good stiffness, good ESCR, high rigidity, good flowability, good impact strength and good stress cracking resistance, BL3 HDPE is widely used in the production of bottles and small blow molding goods.

Resin Properties Unit Value
Melt Index(21.6) g/10 min 23±4
Melt Index(5) g/10 min 1.2±0.3
FRR (21.6/5) 19±3
Density g/cm³ 0.954±0.002
Notched Impact @ 23 °C mJ/mm² 9

Main Applications of HDPE BL3

Small blow moulding bottles

Containers (from a few ml to 10 liters)

Packing of pharmaceuticals & surfactants

Sheets for thermoforming

BL3 for small blow molding application

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