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Lotte HDPE

Lotte BU7100

BU7100 is a high-density polyethylene resin produced by Univation(Gas) Process, suitable for Blow molding products, such as, large size industrial containers and drum, jerry can, Large part for blow (buoy, median strip)

Properties Values Unit
Melt Flow Index (190℃, 21.6㎏) 10.0 g/10min
Density 0.948 g/cm3
Tensile Stress (Yield) 260 kgf/cm2
Tensile Strain (Break) > 600 %
Flexural Modulus 11,200 kgf/cm2
Notched IZOD Impact Strength (23℃) NB kgf∙cm/cm
ESCR > 1,000 F50hr

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