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Dioctyl Phthalate DOP

Dioctyl phthalate DOP Plasticizer

What Is Dioctyl Phthalate DOP

Dioctyl Phthalate DOP, usually directly referred to DOP plasticizer, is one of the most cost effective and widely used plasticizers on the market. It is a colorless, transparent, low volatility and odorless oily liquid in appearance. DOP chemical, as a general-purpose plasticizer, is widely used in plastics because of its good stability to heat and ultraviolet rays, and its wide compatibility with PVC resin. Dioctyl Phthalate DOP can also be used as a medium and hydraulic oil, as well as solvent for many chemical substances. Chemate can supply dioctyl phthalate plasticizer with competitive price and high performance. Inquiry us now for the quotation.

Chemical Properties

What Are Performances of Dioctyl Phthalate DOP Plasticizer

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What Are Applications of Dioctyl Phthalate Plasticizer

Widely used as a plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride PVC, vinyl chloride copolymer, fiber resin acrylic resin and synthetic.

Used for the processing of high polymers, such as, chemical ground resin, acetate resin, ABS resin and rubber.

PVC with DOP plasticizer is the raw material to make artificial leather, agricultural films, packaging materials, wires, cable wearers, sheets, planets, mold plastic products, etc.

Used in nitrocellulose paint to increase the elasticity and tensile strength of the paint film. It can also be used as a softener for synthetic rubber to improve the resilience of the products, make the rubber products easier to rebound, more difficult to change shape under pressure, and doesn’t affect the plastic.

Use as a gas chromatography stationary liquid, which can selectively retain and separate aromatic compounds, unsaturated compounds and various oxygen-containing compounds.

The conductive mixed slurry for solar cells containing dioctyl phthalate DOP is used in the production of solar cells, which can form strong adhesion on the surface of solar cells and has high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Using a certain weight ratio of dioctyl phthalate and isothiazolinone to prepare a protective coating against metal corrosion can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, water resistance, heat resistance and fingerprint resistance of the metal surface.

It has good compatibility with most synthetic resins and rubbers used in the industrial fields. DOP plasticizer has good comprehensive performance, good mixing performance, high plasticizing efficiency, low volatility, good low temperature flexibility, water extraction resistance, high electrical performance, good heat resistance and weather resistance.

In Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning, using of DOP chemical can help test the filtration efficiency of high-efficiency filters.

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Know More About this DOP Plazticizer

General purpose DOP. Widely used in plastics, rubber, paint and emulsifier industries. It can be used to manufacture artificial leather, agricultural films, packaging materials, cables, etc.

Electrical level DOP. It has all the properties of general-purpose DOP, as well as good electrical insulation properties, and is mainly for the production of wires.

Food grade DOP. For the production of food packaging materials.

Medical grade DOP. Mainly used in the production of medical and health products, such as disposable medical appliances and medical packaging materials.

High plasticizing efficiency, fusion rate, good low volatility, UV-resisting property, water-extracting proof, cold-resisting property, excellent softness and electric property.

It is general-purpose plasticizer with good mechanical, heat-resistant and electrical insulation properties.

It has excellent gelling properties. In the production of PVC resin or plastic paste, DOP plasticizer for sale in Chemate can be used alone or in combination with other plasticizers, depending in the applications.

Due to its excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, Shore A hardness and low temperature impact strength, It is a excellent plasticizer for PVC compounding. 

DOP plasticizer has very low volatility. So it is mainly used in the processing of polyvinyl chloride resin, and also in the processing of high polymers such as chemical fiber resin , acetic acid resin, ABS resin and rubber.

Plasticizers are the largest additives in the modern plastics industry and play a decisive role in promoting the development of the plastic industry, especially the polyvinyl chloride industry. Some chemicals can be uniformly mixed with the resin without chemical changes during mixing, but it can reduce the glass transition temperature of the material and the melt viscosity during plastic molding. The chemicals themselves remain the same. Or although the undergo chemical change, they can remain in the plastic products for a long time and can change certain physical properties of the resin. Liquid organic compounds or low-melting solids with these properties are plasticizers.

The main function of plasticizers is to weaken the secondary bond between polymer molecules, that is Van der Waals’ force. So as to increase the the mobility of polymer molecular chains, reducing the crystallinity of polymer molecular chains, that is, increasing the plasticity of polymers. The main performance is that the hardness, modulus, softening temperature and embrittlement temperature of the polymer decrease, while the elongation, flexibility increase. Plasticizers can be divided into internal plasticizers and external plasticizers according to their mode of action.

The internal plasticizer is actually part of the polymer. Generally, it is the second monomer introduced during the polymerization of the polymer. Because the second monomer is copolymerized in the molecular structure of the polymer, which reduces the the regularity of the polymer molecular chain, that is, the crystallinity of the polymer molecular chain is reduced. The use temperature range of the internal plasticizer is relatively limited, and must be added during the polymerization process, so the use of internal plasticizer is less.

The external plasticizer is a low molecular weight compound or polymer. Adding the plasticizer to the polymer that needs to be plasticized can increase the plasticity of the polymer. External plasticizers are generally a high boiling point, hard to volatile liquid or low melting point solid. And most of them are ester organic compounds. Generally, the external plasticizer does not react chemically with the polymer. The interaction between the external plasticizer and the polymer is mainly the swelling effect when the temperature is increased, forming a solid solution with the polymer. The performance of external plasticizers is more comprehensive, the production and use are convenient, so the application is more extensive. Dioctyl phthalate (DOP) is one of the most commonly used general-purpose external plasticizers.

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