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InnoPlus LLDPE

Innoplus LLDPE Resin

InnoPlus LLDPE be used in order to produce products for the various applications such as covering film,rotational molding, injection and wire & cable.

InnoPlus LLDPE Grades

INNOPLUS LL 7410 ALLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9181 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7410 DLLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9211 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7410 D 1LLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.921 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7410 D 2LLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9211 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7410 G 1LLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam    
INNOPLUS LL 7420 ALLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9182 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7420 DLLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9212 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7420 D 1LLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.922 700/900
INNOPLUS LL 7835 ALLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.923.5 850/900
INNOPLUS LL 7910 ALLDPE Film/Blow Molding/Tube/Foam0.9181 490/675
INNOPLUS LL 8420 ALLDPE Injection0.92420150400
INNOPLUS LL 9630 ALLDPE Rotomolding0.9393.2>10001000
INNOPLUS LL 9630 ULLDPE Rotomolding0.9393.2>10001000
INNOPLUS LL 9640 ALLDPE Rotomolding0.9324>10001000
INNOPLUS LL 9640 ULLDPE Rotomolding0.9324>10001000
INNOPLUS LL 9640 UPLLDPE Rotomolding0.9324>10001000

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