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Iron Oxide Pigments for Concrete

Iron oxide pigments for concrete with excellent properties in Chemate are very popular in the market. Complete colors for customers to choose depends on their requirements. Check more on the detailed page or inquiry us for quotation now.

>>> The Performances of Iron Oxide Pigments Used in Building Materials Industry

  • The color is beautiful and durable.
  • High tinting strength, suitable particle fineness and particle structure, good dispersibility.
  • Resistant to strong sunlight and climate changes, as well as alkali resistance and mortar resistance.
  • High stability in a certain temperature.
  • It won’t damage the properties of the cement itself.

>>> Applications of Iron Oxide Pigments for Concrete

Nowadays, in the building materials industry, colored cement bricks, cement tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, blocks, concrete pavements and other colored cement pavements have been widely used. Iron oxide pigments for concrete are suitable for the coloring of various building structures and cement parts as follows:

  • Various indoor and outdoor colored concrete surfaces and building surfaces, such as, walls, floors, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels, sinks, blocks, towers, colored mortars, colored tiles, ridge tiles.
  • Terrazzo and mosaic tiles, used to decorate indoor and outdoor walls, ground floors, stairs, porches, passages, etc…
  • Artificial stones, such as, artificial marble, artificial grey stone and so on.
  • Asbestos cement, used to decorate wall panels, floor tiles, roof tiles, window sills and stairs.
  • Color dry mortar series, such as, colored strengthening agent, color caulking agent, color spraying mortar, color self-leveling cement for compression molding floor and wear-resistant floor.
  • Color paste series, such as, water based color paste for commercial coagulation or architectural coatings, oily color paste for epoxy floor or polyurethane floor coatings.
  • Iron oxide pigment is added to cement concrete to form colored cement concrete, which can still ensure the original coloring degree after long-term use.
  • Iron oxide pigments for concrete are widely used in the building materials industry due to their excellent coloring and application properties, low price, and the advantages of absorbing ultraviolet rays and protecting the base materials in the application system from degradation.

>>> How To Use Iron Oxide Pigments in Concrete

  • The amount of iron oxide pigment in concrete products is limited to 1% to 10%. Exceeding the upper limit will reduce the mechanical strength of the products. Generally 5% to 8% is appropriate.
  • Iron oxide pigment doesn’t contain the two compounds, lead and zinc oxide, which will affect the solidification time and strength.
  • Sometimes, concrete products need to be cured by heat and pressure above 200℃, so black iron oxide and brown iron oxide that can be converted into red iron oxide at 180℃ must be thermally stabilized.
  • Cement concrete pavements mixed with iron oxide pigments shouldn’t be too thick at one time. Generally, no more than 20cm. Too thick will cause waste of iron oxide pigments for concrete, which is uneconomical and can’t guarantee the quality of concrete itself.


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