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Iron Oxide Red 101

>>> Product Description

  • Color index: iron oxide red 101
  • CAS No.: 1309-37-1
  • EINECS No.: 215-168-2
  • Customers can find other iron oxide red models, such as, red 110, 130, 190,etc…
  •  The picture has color difference, the actual color is subject to the actual product. 

>>> Technical Specification

Item Unit Index Value Test Method
Contents(Fe2O3.a H2O) % ≥96 ISO1248
Oil absorption ml/100g 15-25 ISO787-5
Res.on 325 mesh % ≤0.3 ISO787-7
Water soluble salts % ≤0.3 ISO787-3
Moisture % ≤1.0 ISO787-2
PH value 3-7 ISO787-9
Ignition loss(1,000℃,1/2h) % ≤1.0 DIN55913
Bulk density g/cm³ 0.7-1.1 ISO787-11
Specific gravity g/cm³ 5.0 ISO787-10
Particle size BET µm 0.13 Eletron Micrographs
Dispersibility(Hegman) µm 20/25/30 ISO787-20
Tinting Strength(Compared with Standard) % 95-105 ISO787-24
Color Difference ΔE (Compared with Standard) ≤1.0 ISO787-1

>>> What Are Advantages of Iron Oxide Red 101

With excellent physical and chemical properties. Iron oxide red 101 has the characteristics of strong hiding power, high tinting power, soft color, stable performance, alkali resistance, stability to weak and dilute acids, excellent light and weather resistance. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents, has excellent rust resistance, anti-ultraviolet performance.

>>> What Are Applications of Iron Oxide Red 101

  • In the building materials industry. It is mainly used for colored cement, colored cement tiles, glazed tiles, concrete floor tiles, colored mortar, colored asphalt, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble and wall painting.
  • Used for coloring of various paint and coatings, including interior and exterior wall coatings, powder coatings, etc… It can also be used in oil paints, including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primers and top paints. Used in toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoretic paint and enamel paint. Iron red primer has anti-rust function, which can replace high-priced red lead paint and save non-ferrous metals.
  • Coloring of plastic products, including the coloring of solid plastics, thermoplastics and rubber products, such as, automobile inner tubes, airplane inner tubes, bicycle inner tubes, etc…


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